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00:00 introduction, and why consider this challenge?

02:28 here’s the challenge – the details

03:04 here’s how

05:14 and here’s why

05:39 2 things or MPS

06:29 optimal protein

09:20 balancing eating and fasting

09:56 priorities

10:14 my results so far

11:43 “why morning protein vs midday protein or evening?”

13:18 “1 g of protein per pound of lean muscle mass or ideal bodyweight?”

14:23 what to consider when adding another meal from 1 meal per day to 2 meals per day

15:57 “how early do you have to eat?”

17:37 modified SHT Macros – measuring what counts

18:15 how to share your feedback experience

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Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach