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about our wisdom and how we determine our guidelines

in this episode, we discuss our wisdom and how we determine our guidelines.

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we are seeking what’s optimal.  not just what seems to work in the short term.  there are plenty of ways of doing things that will get temporary results because they are better than what you were doing before.  we want what’s optimal.  we believe what we offer is optimal.  and we are always evolving.

Conventional Wisdom (CW)

  • ideas or explanations that are generally accepted as true by the public or by experts in a field.
  • such ideas or explanations, though widely held, are unexamined and unproven.
  • societal habits preserve the status quo!

we typically do NOT align with CW.

examples of CW around nutrition:

  • fat clogs arteries and causes cholesterol problems.
  • meat is bad for the heart and causes cancer.
  • plant based is healthy.
  • juicing is healthy.
  • whole grains are healthy.
  • eat lots of complex carbohydrates (vs simple).
  • eat more fruits & vegetables as the solution to all our health problems.
  • eat every 2 or 3 hours to keep your metabolism going, and to burn more calories.
  • count calories.
  • control portions.
  • exercise more, eat less.

examples of CW around fitness:

  • if I decide I need to lose weight, that means I need to work out more.
  • if something hurts, that means I need to stop exercising.
  • working out longer and more is better.
  • working out is the solution to everything.
  • losing function is natural from aging.

other CW views:

  • it’s all about instant gratification.
  • we need to avoid the sun, and we always need to cover up or wear sunscreen because the sun is bad for us.
  • EMF’s and radiation don’t really do anything to us, they aren’t harmful at all.
  • meditation is for monks, weird people, and not for religious people.
  • we always need to wear shoes
  • if a doctor prescribes it, it’s ok for health
  • don’t get dirty

the problem with CW:

  • influenced by money.  careers, funding, and grants depend on it.
  • there is a lot of pride in CW.  it’s difficult to change momentum and reverse stances.
  • most people get their health and nutrition information from the media.


our approach to health and how we formulate our guidelines:

  1. we use Ancestral Wisdom.
    handed down wisdom, family history, archeology, anthropology, evolutionary biology
  2. we combine this with current, relevant information.
    from science, books, experts, and thought leader in functional medicine, alternative health, and holistic health.
  3. we formulate experiments which give us personal & client experience.
    we believe in experimentation with awareness which helps us develop honed intuition & wisdom.


OUR wisdom around nutrition:

  • fat is good for you (for many reasons).  we will cover the roles of fat in another episode.
  • meat is good for you (for many reasons).  we will cover why in another episode.
  • plant-based is not healthy long-term.  it can be used therapeutically, temporarily.
  • juicing is only healthy as a compliment to eating.  most of us just eat real food.
  • whole grains are worthless.  always.
  • we believe in carbs from right sources at right times.  it has nothing to do with complex or simple.
  • fruits and vegetables are only part of health.  
  • we embrace space between meals.  most of us only eat 1 or 2 times per day.
  • we focus on nutrients, not calories.  if a food has nutrients, it goes to many purposes in the body and may not be used for only for energy.
  • portions tend to auto-regulate themselves when we eat our way.
  • we exercise for fitness and preparedness, not to counter calories or eating.
  • the sun is good for you for many reasons.
  • dirty people are healthier.
  • working out is synergistic with food, but doesn’t burn fat as most people think.
  • working out as little as possible, for an hour a day, with brief periods of intense, functional, varied, activity and then resting is optimal!
  • we don’t need to work out more.  we need to workout CORRECTLY, eat real food, sleep, get sun, meditate, etc.
  • you can get better with age.  with the power of our foundations.


Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach