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beginning your real food health journey

this is directed towards the people that recently started in our SHT Real Foodie Masterclass, but I think it’s applicable for ANYONE starting on their own holistic health journey and real food.


this is a plug for starting slow and being methodical because we want this to work for a lifetime.    we want get out of the mindset that we have to do something drastic or neurotic to fix things.  we run the risk of burning out and not cultivating the habits that we want, or even worse, cultivating bad habits.  you also run the risk of hurting yourself.


understand, what we are doing, the basic protocols we learn together are the foundations that we will use for a lifetime.

  • real food is nutrient density at its best.  there’s no point in obsessing over supplements when you don’t have the basics of real food down.
  • real food replenishes years of toxicity and nutrient deficiencies.  if you skip eating real food because you think vegan is “cleaner,” or if you fast without setting up the right machinery, you miss the opportunity to replenish nutrients that your body so badly needs.
  • we want to slowly build up the bodies resilience to do the things we want to do later such as low-carb, cleanse, and strategic fasting.
  • real food is detoxifying in and of itself.    real food is void of the toxins, has all the right things to nourish our bodies, and all the nutrients to facilitate the detox pathways.  there’s no need to go vegan to clean things up.  eating real food is already cleaning things up.
  • there is plenty of time to experiment with low-carb, cleans, and fasting.  and that’s exactly what we facilitate.

in the beginning, it’s all about:

  • 100% real food.
  • eating the right things made with the right ingredients.
  • no carbs in the morning.
  • no snacking in between meals.
  • a little carbs in the evening.
Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach