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bios, mission, and what makes the SHT different

Our very first episode where we cover a brief history and biography of the hosts, and how the SHT came to be!  we’ll also cover our mission and what makes us different.

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After being misled by conventional wisdom himself, Paul completely turned his life around using ancestral health combined with modern wisdom, and guides others to do the same.

In Las Vegas, NV, he and his team have built a movement and a community around their foundations which they call the SuperHuman Transformation (SHT).  With the help of his SHT Executive Tribe, they are on a mission to empower the planet with the freedom that comes from learning, implementing, and experiencing their foundations for health.  The foundational principles used include:

  • holistic, real food (body)
  • setting circadian rhythms (sleep)
  • meditation & mindfulness (mind)
  • grounding & outdoors (nature)
  • functional fitness (movement)
  • simplicity & elegance (minimalism)
  • natural solutions (toxicity)
  • cultivating community (synergy)


what makes the SuperHuman Transformation (SHT) different:

  • the SHT subscribes to many, but is a member of none.  we are our own way.  we created this method because everyone is so lost, confused, overwhelmed, and misinformed about what they need to do to be truly healthy.  the SHT is an education, experience, and support system that educates members on popular methodologies, gives members experiential knowledge through our programs, and comes with a lifetime of support from its community and the office of Paul C. Tijerina.
  • the SHT is a way of life, for a lifetime.  other methodologies may work temporarily, but they aren’t sustainable for a lifetime.  our focus for our members is health, longevity, and quality of life. we’re not a temporary weight loss program or a competitor program.  we are a way of life, for a lifetime, and our way is very doable for most people.
  • ancestral + hip.  the SHT is always up to date on cutting-edge health topics, and always open to change.  part of Paul’s daily responsibility is reading, learning, and following the latest and greatest in the holistic health realm to include the latest books, podcasts, scientific research, and leaders in functional medicine and holistic health.  as we learn, we experiment, and update the SHT.
  • the SHT is from the heart.  the intention behind the SHT is the same as what’s behind The CrossFit Combine – we are here to help, and we will do everything we can to further someone down their path.
  • we are committed to a lifetime of support.  JOIN US FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT POPS UP!
Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach