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chocolate it's good for you

chocolate it’s good for you!

chocolate it's good for you

I came across this article this morning which got me excited to write this post!!!

the benefits of chocolate come from the polyphenols in the cacao / cocoa.

consuming these polyphenols has all kinds of studied benefits, including but not limited to improved mood, improved cardiovascular health, improved insulin sensitivity, improved blood pressure, and protection against UV damage.  all of this comes from the polyphenols!

cacao / cocoa is extremely healthful, when not packaged with a bunch of other BS.

btw, this isn’t a justification or rationalization to eat all the sweet chocolate you want!  the benefits come from the cacao / cocoa powder itself, which is high in polyphenols and has many tremendous benefits on health.  so the more cacao / cocoa you can get with the less other stuff, the better!

there is a subtle difference between CACAO vs COCOA:

  • CACAO powder is less processed than cocoa and is considered raw because it’s processed a low heat – just enough to separate the cacao butter, and then the beans are milled into a fine powder.
  • COCOA powder is more processed.  it goes thru the same fat separation method, but the beans are cooked at a higher temperature, which reduces some of the bitter taste and also gives it a slightly different flavor.  but it also potentially damages some of the beneficial compounds.

personally, I can’t tell much of a difference between cacao or cocoa, so I always try to go with CACAO.  both are healthful, but if you can find powders or bars that are made with CACAO vs COCOA, cacao might be better!

here’s what to do:

it’s challenging to find products that specify they are made with just cacao vs cocoa.  because even labels that have packaging stating CACAO on the front, in the ingredients use chocolate and COCOA.  but it’s all good because you’re still getting the health benefits no matter what!



believe in the health benefits of chocolate!  just be smart about it!

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach