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Empowered Natural Health Solutions

a summary of my recent talk at a local American Cancer Society chapter.

our mission

empower as many people as possible with the ultimate goal of getting people to experience true freedom. freedom that allows them to experience life as they were meant to live – with energy, vibrancy, clarity, purpose, and with the ability to dream again.

our foundations:

  • holistic, real food
  • essential oils & smart supplementation
  • functional fitness
  • setting circadian rhythms
  • grounding & being outdoors
  • meditation & mindfulness
  • cultivating community

our support is community driven through events, social media, 
and other technologies.


holistic real food

this is such an exciting time!  there is so much awareness about real food!

  • 5 years ago when I first started doing my talks, no one knew what organic was.
  • I had to do a whole talk around what a GMO was.

nowadays, when I do talks, MOST people are aware

real food methodologies to look into:

additional reading:

essential oils and natural health solutions

essential oils give us all kinds of beneficial alternatives to what otherwise might be toxic for our bodies.  we use essential oils for:

  • holistic, plant-based alternatives to OTC’s.
  • holistic, plant-based alternatives for home cleaning.
  • immediate relief for physiological symptoms.
  • immediate emotional wellness support.

for more information on essential oils, please feel free to connect with us :)

setting circadian rhythms

the best way to improve your energy levels throughout the day, sleep at night, and overall hormonal balance is to set your circadian rhythms!

  • get sun exposure every day!
  • minimize bright stimulus after the sun goes down!

for more information setting circadian rhythms, improving sleep patterns, dealing with insomnia, or anything related to sleep, please feel free to connect with us :)

grounding & being outdoors

body-to-earth contact has the power to directly impact your health, immediately.

being in direct contact with the earth improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and helps strengthen your circadian rhythms.

  • spend time every day barefoot!  just a few minutes a day is enough to get the benefits.
  • hug a tree!  seriously!

for more information visit The Earthing Institute.

being outdoors has its own powers.

  • “openness” getting out of your head :)
  • fresh clean air.
  • avoid electronic pollution.
  • appreciation for nature and earth.
  • cultivating community & social connection

meditation & mindfulness

the main benefits we get from meditation:

  • improved focus.
  • improved creativity.
  • the ability to “catch” ourselves caught!  meaning, the ability to notice when we’ve been triggered, even slightly, so that we can work with those difficult situations.

meditation has profound benefits that are difficult to explain, and only make sense once you’ve been doing it for some time.  just like when you work out you don’t notice all the benefits immediately, meditation has immediate and also long-term, profound, yet subtle benefits.

to learn how to meditate, feel free to connect with us :)


please feel free to connect with us for  more information on how to implement any and all of these principles!


Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach