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with all the things we should do and could do to focus on health, it can feel overwhelming when trying to put it all together. especially in the context of a career, family, friends, and pets, and especially in the beginning.

if we had to choose a few things to focus on, which things would give us the most beneficial changes, the greatest results, and the biggest bang for energy-investing buck? hands down, here are the top 3:

  • real food = better energy, mood, and body composition.
  • fitness = body shaping and functional capabilities.
  • sleep = better EVERYTHING.

focusing on these 3 foundations and making them a priority will make everything about your life better. you’ll be happier. it will make dealing with life easier. and it will make addressing the other foundations for health possible down the road.

here’s a list of ideas to run through. take some time today to make these things a priority. meet it where you can. you’ll love yourself for it :)

real food.

food is for building your body. choose wisely. eating crap builds your body with crap. eating crap zaps your energy and emotions. eating real food builds an amazing body, gives you great energy, and makes you happy.

here’s a list to read through. if it’s too much at once, choose one thing by starting at the top and working your way down!

  • avoid all processed junk food.
  • avoid all energy drinks. just drink coffee and tea.
  • avoid all grain-based junk including wheat, breads, pastas, pastries, and donuts.
  • eat only the things that are going to serve your amazing body – animal meats of all kinds, traditional fats like butter, vegetables, and greens.
  • make animal foods and butter a priority! these foods in particular will give your body crucial nutrients and fat for fuel.
  • embrace carbs from the right sources!!! too many of us in an effort to overhaul our eating try to go low-carb, and then we don’t sustain it. have your carbs, just make sure they are from real food – sweet potatoes, yams, white rice, plantains, and squashes. get rid of the processed carbs!
  • eat fresh fruit for dessert! with honey and some dark chocolate! get rid of the other sweet stuff!
  • moderate your carbs by only having them towards the end of the day and measuring them out to max of 3/4 cup of starches, and 3/4 cup of fresh fruit. if you do this, you’ll have the benefits and sanity of carbs, but they will still be low enough that you’ll feel amazing and still get body composition shifts.

if you want more details on how to eat our way go through our FREE real food basics.

fitness and natural movement.

have a goal to move every day! as my fitness mentor and good friends says – “get sweaty every day.”

  • go for a morning walk. morning walks are AMAZING. they give you some time with your own mind before the craziness of the day begins. morning walks are beneficial for burning fat for fuel – you’re already fasted.
  • if you’re ready for an actual dedicated workout program, come join us at The CrossFit Combine! I can get you a free week anytime you want. young, gracefully aged, big, small, fit or not. . . we help them all!
  • if you’re not ready for a gym, ask me about simple home workouts that don’t require any equipment and can be done in 15 minutes :)


have a goal to make sleep a priority. better sleep equals better everything. seriously.

  • you already know what time you have to get up. now plan for a morning walk! what time do you need to get up to enjoy a morning walk and get ready for the day?
  • backwards plan to the time you MUST be in bed to feel good.
  • set an alarm for 1.5 hours before this bed time.
  • when the alarm goes off, notice it! and start getting ready for bed!
  • it helps to get some sun during the day (brightness).
  • it helps to put your phone to bed before you get into bed! don’t take your phone to bed!!!

remember we have a comprehensive sleep seminar coming up this Saturday @ 11am.

these 3 foundations will get you on the path to looking, feeling, and performing your very best!!!

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach