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Many people try to heal themselves with changing their diet. But have you ever considered going full carnivore?

Here’s the deal… It may sound crazy, but at the same time it makes complete sense. Focus on nutrients. Focus on fat burning. And simplify the diet so that you can figure out what is contributing to your symptoms.

Michelle Hurn is a registered and licensed dietitian with eleven years of clinical experience. While practicing in the hospital setting, she saw this huge disconnect from the nutrition guidelines she was required to teach, and the declining health of her patients. She had her own health issues, which sent her on a path of experimentation and self-discovery, going against everything she had learned in the medical field.

Today Michelle looks, feels and performs better than she ever has. She’s happy. She is an accomplished endurance athlete. And she wrote a book! “The Dietitian’s Dilemma.” It is an AMAZING read.

So whether you’re completely confused about how to eat, relatively confident, or just want to add to your overall wisdom, I’m sure you’ll get some great information from this interview. You can watch the YouTube video here or listen anywhere you listen to podcasts including Spotify.

Some things we discuss:

  • Diet and mental and emotional disorders.
  • Balancing blood sugar.
  • The importance of protein, muscle mass, and working out.
  • Protein recommendations.
  • Athlete recommendations.
  • How to consume plants.

And questions from our community:

  • What about meat, saturated fat, and cholesterol?
  • What concerns are there for women?
  • How do you support digestion?
  • What pushback do you get from the medical community?

Time stamps for your convenience:

  • 00:24:25 balancing blood sugar.
  • 00:25:38 the importance of protein and muscle mass as we age.
  • 00:28:51 what are YOUR recommendations for protein?
  • 00:32:32 what about cholesterol and heart disease?
  • 00:34:27 LDL may actually be good for you!
  • 00:37:19 can you eat too much meat and cholesterol?
  • 00:39:24 what advice do you have when consuming plants?
  • 00:42:58 how do you fuel your workouts? how do you eat as an athlete?
  • 00:46:18 debunking myths.
  • 00:47:13 concerns for women?
  • 00:49:42 menapause, premenapause
  • 00:49:55 what about digestion?
  • 00:51:54 do you get pushback from your medical community collegues and counterparts?
  • 00:55:21 what studies are available to back up this way of eating?
  • 00:55:36 Michelle, what do you have going on? how can we support you?
  • 01:02:33 Chandler asks “do you try to educate medical professionals? how receptive are they?”

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Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach