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go for it 100%

and then use momentum and leverage to keep moving forward!

we have a broad definition of real food, and a few basic rules:

  1. stay within our definition of real food, 100% of the time, all the time.
  2. never start the day off with starches and/or sugars.
  3. nurture natural space in between meals.

and that’s really all there is to it. it’s not complicated.

over the long-term, there are all kinds of nuances and concepts to learn and experiment with. but that’s the basics.
within that realm, you have to have an open, flexible, and have an experimental mindset in order to figure out what works best FOR YOU.  all the while understanding, we’re always adapting and changing, so sometimes things just take time, and sometimes whatever works now might not work later.

I don’t expect people to do or be like me. but I’m at a point, I’m trying to optimize all the time, and I’m pushing boundaries. so I’m focused on nutrient-density, and to many of us it may seem crazy, but it’s actually very primal. so I’m eating egg yolks, liver, shellfish, bugs, etc., on a regular basis. and I’m doing some crazy fasting protocols. but that isn’t necessary normal. I’ve had a long time to mess with this stuff.

questions that came up over past week:

what if I’m an athlete?  I’m special right?  I need a special protocol, right?

we’re so used to needing complicated answers for special situations.  “as an athlete, these rules must not apply, there must be some secret methodology, some special protocols, right?”  not really.  the beauty of this way of living is that EVERYONE benefits from the foundations.  and then once you get the foundations straight, you can start to tinker with some supplemental, adjunct recommendations.  but the foundations in and of themselves will serve you well, no matter what your endeavor.

what if I’m already thin?  if I eat real food, and I nurture space, won’t I wither away?

no.  next question.

seriously tho, we are about eating for nutrients to give the body what it needs to contribute to structure, form, and function, and then we train the body how to make energy.  so we eat food for nutrients, and we look to the body to create energy.  if I’m focused on nutrient-density, and #selfsufficiency, my body becomes extremely efficient at utilizing resources, and I do not wither away.  I become exactly what I need to become based on my inputs.

we want nutrients, and we want space.  in space we nurture metabolic flexibility.  in space we heal.  in space we transition over to using fat for fuel which becomes extremely muscle sparing.

what if I’m not willing to embrace meat and/or fat to the degree that you are suggesting?

tough luck.

no seriously, I would highly recommend LETTING GO and trying to open your mind a little. the only way to know our protocols will work is to embrace fully. if you buy into bits and pieces, but don’t fully commit for whatever reason, then the whole thing kinda falls apart.

if you have all these roadblocks from preconceived ideas or brainwashing that you’re not able to get past, then it’s rally hard to tell if this really works for you or not because you’re not able to give it an honest shot.

be as 100% as you can for as many days as you can:

100% gives you momentum to keep it up!

use the leverage of what you want to think about what you want in your moments of temptation.

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach