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simplicity, elegance, limited decisions, and freedom

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choosing health, limited decisions, and freedom.

I absolutely love the word ‘elegance’ and everything it stands for – or at least based on my understanding. elegance is the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple, clean, and neat.and to me, that describes our way of doing things exactly :)

when committed to a healthier path, our lives get so much easier because we reduce the number of choices we have – which is a wonderful thing! having too many choices available is stressful, complicated, and overwhelming.

we want to make health habits, easy, simple, clean, and repeatable.

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having fewer choices is a great thing and makes things easy:

  • we limit the foods we eat to real food, avoiding the infinite number of crap options out there = makes our decisions easier = elegant, simple.
  • we limit the number of times we eat in a day, focusing on no snacking and natural space in meals = freedom from eating all the time and prepping all the time and stressing about eating or prepping all the time = elegant, simple.
  • we limit the places we can go or eat because they do not align with our way of doing things = makes our decisions very easy = elegant, simple.
  • we limit the TIMES we go out because we know and feel better when we prep our own food!
  • we limit the events we can go to because we have to get to bed on time, or remain committed to our other principles = makes our decisions very easy = elegant, simple.
  • we have a basic list of things we need to do regularly to stay healthy =
    • get up at a decent time.
    • most of us skip breakfast.
    • meditate or have some quiet time.
    • get sweaty.
    • have an appropriate lunch.
    • have an appropriate dinner.
    • get to bed at a decent time.
      * this fits really well in a modern, work based, family based life.


a lot of people come to us looking for things to be more complicated, and it turns out it’s not!


now we’re not saying it’s EASY. simple doesn’t mean easy. but it does mean EASIER.


we want this to work in a modern lifestyle.  and so we need this all to be something repeatable doable livable.


something that helps is laying out an idea day and figuring out where in the day you’re going to do the things that you feel like you need to or want to do. INCLUDING what time you want to get up and what time you want to go to bed.  SEEING THIS VISUALLY embeds and unconscious command in the unconscious mind. you might not get it right every day. but if you think about it enough, it’s gonna happen! or you’ll figure out what you need to make it happen! it also makes your mind up about what you’re dong for the week!

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach