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honesty with yourself is one of the keys to progress.

this topic pops up all the time. it’s relevant to the most veteran of us! it always holds true no matter who you are or where you are on your journey.

honesty with yourself is one of the keys to progress.

as we’re assessing and evaluating what we’re doing, what’s working, and what we want to change, it’s EASY to rationalize all kinds of things. it’s EASY to say things like:

  • but I’m eating all the right things. . .
  • but I’m doing everything right. . .
  • but I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do. . .


many times, however, if we really think about it, if we’re really honest with ourselves:

  • we KNOW where we are suboptimal.
  • we KNOW where we are overdoing it.
  • we KNOW what we don’t want to give up.
  • we KNOW where we can do better.


you don’t have to be honest with anyone else. we’re never asking you to confess to us. or to tell us where you are not optimal. unless you want to because you want some help :) all we want is for you to look inward and ask the questions and be honest with yourself. if you want to continue to evolve, you MUST be honest with yourself.


once you’ve identified the thing(s) you need to work on, NOW it’s possible to come up with a plan, or ask for help. NOW it’s possible to start tinkering with it. it’s almost as if change is inevitable, because “that thing” has been identified, and the seed has been planted :)


it’s not about being perfect. it’s about being honest with yourself. and it’s about being persistent with constantly tinkering. this is a lifelong journey.


here’s a couple of personal examples:

  • every now and then I slip into a very comfortable habit of having a drink most nights. once I get habituated to 1 drink most nights, some nights 2 or 3 drinks creep in. before I know it, my sleep isn’t like it was, my hunger patterns are different, and my overall vitality most days is slightly different. by the time I get to this point it’s very hard to identify because I am so habituated to it, and I’ve rationalized that it’s ok because I do everything else right! but then I identify it as something that needs to changed, and sure enough, I have to work with it. and I do.
  • I feel really good with an animal-based focused, staying low-carb with 1/2 cup of fruit, a little honey, and some dark chocolate some nights. every now and then, I stop measuring my fruit and go for big bowls, I eat more than a few pieces of dark chocolate, I start adding in MORE carbs, etc. . . at some point I notice my body feels poofy and my vitality is off. it’s hard to admit and address because, like all of us, I love my carbs! but as soon as I identify it and I’m honest with myself, the seed for change has been planted. and sure enough, I end up working with it.


if you’re having a hard time figuring things out, if you truly don’t known what’s wrong, what to change, or where to begin, REACH OUT. THIS IS WHAT WE DO. we’ve been doing this since 2011 and have worked with just about every possible situation, emotion, craving, habit, or habituation you can imagine. we care and we want to help.

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Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach