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how often should you get outside?

you hear us talk about it all the time.  how unbelievably important it is to get outside, to disconnect, to get some sun, to connect with the earth, and to spend time in nature.  and the best way to do it is with other people.

food and fitness are only a part of health!  they are big parts for sure, but you HAVE to factor in spending time in nature!  check out our other foundations here.

I am convinced that the reason myself and so many others in our community feel so amazing all the time is because we make it a priority to get out and do stuff like this!

now since we all have unbelievably chaotic lives, how the heck do we fit this into everything else we’re doing?  I’ll tell you.

we need to spend time grounding, getting sun exposure, hiking, and camping and all at different times and frequencies.

schedule these things and I promise you your life will change:

  • stand barefoot on sand (the beach), grass, earth, concrete or brick that’s connected to earth for 3 minutes daily to get the full benefits of grounding.  remember, grounding has measurable physiological benefits!  if you don’t believe me watch this short video.
  • for at least 3 days every week accumulate 15 minutes or more of direct sun exposure.  why?  because sun exposure has an uncountable number of benefits beyond creating vitamin D, and vitamin D supplementation is NOT a substitute for sun exposure!  check out this short video by Dr. Ruscio.
  • at least every 2 weeks go for a hike in a pristine environment.  why?  because we disconnect from everything we are connected to, we inhale clean air, we get beneficial microorganisms in our system, and we connect with who we are truly meant to be!  plus we have a chance to ground and get sun exposure!
  • at least every 3 months go on a camping trip for 3 days or more.  why?  because you get the combination of everything listed above, PLUS you disconnect for multiple days at a time which is how long it takes for the body to completely reset from all the electromagnetic frequencies, radiation, pollution, and everything else!!!

WE ARE GOING TO MOAB, UTAH TODAY!  and not just because it’s unbelievably fun, but because it’s healthy as hell!

send us all the love and NRG (en-er-gy) you got!!!  we’re living what we preach and we’re gonna come back with some great stories, pictures, and videos to share with you!!!

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach