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You’ve worked HARD for your progress all year long. The reality is, the holidays are where most people slip, and sometimes even slide, never getting back to their baseline.

DON’T LET THIS BE YOU! Remember – a little intention goes a long ways!

Check out this video where I talk you through some strategies for maintaining your gains. You can also listen wherever you listen to podcasts including Spotify.

Here’s how to maintain your progress that you’ve worked so hard for:

  • Create a vision for self and health. What progress are you proud of? What are you absolutely committed to avoiding to maintain that progress? What are you allowing yourself to be flexible with?
  • Identify YOUR obstacles. What are your known obstacles during Thanksgiving and Christmas? Write them out and then come up with simple solutions.
  • Visualize the holiday season and situations. Think about all the situations that take you out of your norm – car ride, plane flight, staying in a hotel, staying at someone else’s place, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, parties, etc… walk yourself through each situation and think about what you need to have or do to be prepared.
  • Stick to your health routine. No matter where you go and no matter how much you allow yourself to indulge, if you stick to the things that keep you healthy and make you feel good, at least you have that going for you! Try to get early wins in the day! This will give you momentum to make better decisions, or at least cancel out the damage from going off plan. Wake up, go for a walk, sit and meditate, maybe get a little workout in, and have a perfect first meal of the day.
  • Have SHT Approved alternatives for your favorite holiday dishes. This is super helpful especially if you are hosting dinners or parties. I have a ton of recipes. I even have a Brutally Simple Thanksgiving recipe book I put out to my community. I might even give it to you if you ask me :)

You’ll notice I reference a bunch of other resources in my video including:

  • Maintaining Gains worksheet
  • My Perfect Day visualizing exercise.
  • Fridge note!
  • Body fat for fuel poster.
  • Strategies for making real food nutrition work while traveling.
  • Strategies for making real food nutrition work when eating out.
  • SHT Brutally Simple Thanksgiving cookbook.

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Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach