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I’ve received this question several times lately, so I want to address it and encourage you to join us for our next progression.  ESPECIALLY if you’ve done the SHT before, or even something similar :)

1. everyone slips.

no one is perfect. the majority of us stray from time to time.  and that’s all there is to it.

  • some of the things you did diligently during the progression tend to fade out.
  • little things you stopped doing when you went thru your first progression creep back in.  little nasty habits creep back in.
  • therefore old symptoms start popping up – excess body fat, skin issues, digestive issues, energy not where it was, and so on.

our ultimate goal is to make a lot of our healthful habits unconscious, so that most of what we do to feel amazing comes naturally, like we’re on auto pilot.  in order to do this, we must have repetition.  in fact, all habits are born out of repetition.

instead of over analyzing your life and getting all worked up over how “off” you are, make it simple, and join a freakin’ progression.

2. you need the re-education.

I love going thru the SHT with everyone.  even I benefit from teaching it.  every time I do, I learn more and I’m more diligent.

we all think we “know” what we need to do, but do we really?  we hit you with a LOT of information during the 10-week SHT.  it’s difficult for most of us to hold onto and remember the details.

we are constantly updating our programs, constantly adding more information, and constantly making them more relevant.  going back thru the program helps you to learn this information better.

3. in order to progress, you must be part of something that progresses you.

ever notice how when we went through our first progression, things changed pretty quickly, and continued to do so?  or what about the first time we committed to a workout program?  ever notice how your changes came relatively easy?

when we are a part of a program, we learn new concepts, we have excitement and motivation, we are more diligent because we have accountability, and therefore we see progress.  when we come out of a program, things tend to stagnate because we’re not learning anything new and we aren’t as diligent as we are during a program.

  • new program means new information.
  • new program means new excitement.
  • new program means accountability
  • new program means diligence.

3. we all need the support.

it’s great being immersed in this lifestyle and being surrounded by people who believe in the same.  I’m so blessed because I am ONLY around people who believe in our foundational principles.  I’m either visiting with clients, or hosting group talks, or at a minimum, I’m here at my office which is in the company of others I’ve already worked with.

most of us are not this fortunate.

most of us live in a home where other members are doing something completely different.  most of us have work environments where co-workers have no clue about the information we are privvy to.

we need to be around others that believe in our same principles.  we need to see others doing the same thing we are doing, so we can be around people who can relate to us.  we need to the community aspect to share ideas and recipes, and to build social connection.  we need each other!

4. you have a chance to be a LEADER.

AS A VETERAN, you’ve already been thru the progression.  so it won’t be as challenging.  in fact, i twill be motivating and inspiring because others will be looking up to you for support, because things are going to come so easy to you!  we see it happen every time – those who join us for 2nd and 3rd progressions, end up being super stars in our community.

5. we need your support!

if nothing else, understand this – WE NEED YOU.  we are working day and night to build something beautiful – and we are!  we need you to be a part of this with us to help us build this!

thank you for all you do!

as a veteran SuperHuman, remember, you get discount pricing. if you do not have access to our special sign up page, just message us at

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach