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juicing vs fasting.

fasting question – what about juicing versus fasting?

if one of the things we’re looking to accomplish from fasting is “detoxing,” why not just go and do some kind of juice cleanse? is a juice cleanse ok?

  • short answer – NO.  it does NOT accomplish what we are trying to accomplish.
  • longer answer – HELL NO. we don’t advocate juicing in general. we advocate eating real food.


as an SHT community, many of us are embarking on a 3-week fasting progression. we call our fasting protocols Strategic Fasting.  this is a term we’ve been using for years. our fasting is strategic and has specific goals:

  • fasting mimics the evolutionary template of feast and famine.
  • fasting is a hormetic stressor that in small amounts is beneficial.
  • fasting gives the body a chance to rest and heal from digestion.
  • fasting forces insulin levels low and allows the body to tap into body-fat for fuel.
  • fasting enhances brain function, energy levels, and muscle preservation.
  • fasting facilitates healing and autophagy, which could be considered as detox, but it’s better.

on detoxification. . .

detoxification happens all the time.  not when you grab a juice or do a master cleanse. detoxification requires 3 things:

  1. minimization of incoming toxins.
  2. specific nutrients to support the detox pathways.
  3. rest = not eating = fasting.


therefore the best thing you can do for your body always is:

  • don’t eat processed foods. don’t eat crap.
  • eat 100% fresh real food all the time, INCLUDING and ESPECIALLY animal meats. why? because animal meats are THE most nutrient-dense of all of our macro nutrients.  animal meats give the body everything the body needs to contribute to structure, form, and function.
  • nurture natural space (no eating) anywhere and everywhere you can.


nutrients needed for phase I detox?

  • magnesium
  • vitamin A
  • B vitamins
  • folate

all found in animal meats in a very bio-available form.


nutrients needed for phase II detox?

  • glycine
  • glutamine
  • cysteine
  • methionine
  • taurine

all found in animal meats, in a very bio-available form.


so why not a juicing cleanse or juicing in general?

most people turn to juicing as a silver bullet, to “clean things up,” and to lose weight. when what most people really need to do is focus on eating real food for a lifetime.

  • juicing is not natural.
  • juicing potentially floods the body with higher amounts of sugar. our goal is to train the body how to be self-sufficient, metabolically flexible, and fat burning. we understand you can green juice and minimize this, but. . .
  • juicing bypasses digestion. our bodies need the processes of preparing, cooking, seeing, smelling, and masticating food to have strong digestion.
  • juicing floods the body with plant-based anti-nutrients and stressors.
  • a juicing cleanse is focused on consuming. during our Strategic Fasts, we are focused on NOT consuming.
  • when we do eat, most of us would rather eat a steak than have a juice :)
Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach