Kickstart 2 Amazing

welcome to a 28-day kickstart to feeling absolutely amazing!  28 days of content designed to get you on the holistic path towards health, easily and effortlessly.  learn the basics of real food and lifestyle factors crucial for optimal health!   hosted by Nichol McIntosh, CHC  RYT  RN  Atavist Nutrition & Life Coach!

this entire program will be hosted online through our Facebook group and emailed videos.  you do NOT have to do Facebook because all content will be published and sent out via email.  although we highly encourage Facebook because this is where many of us will be posting daily pictures of meals, questions, and feedback :)

kickoff is June 24th, which means the first video with initial goals and instructions will be emailed and posted the morning of June 24th!  you will receive your hardcopy materials to follow along with before June 24th.

what’s included:

  • manual and daily journal
  • folder with supportive handouts
  • 28 days of content nutrition, lifestyle, motivation, and other useful posts and videos
  • dedicated Facebook group

educational topics by week

week 1

  • the basics of nutrition and how to structure your daily eating
  • our morning process and how to create envisioning statements

week 2 

  • all about hydration
  • sugar, what to know, and how much to consume
  • all about strengthening digestion

week 3

  • functional fitness recommendations
  • all about self sufficiency and fat burning
  • introduction to meditation & mindfulness

week 4

  • benefits of grounding outdoors
  • basics of circadian rhythms
  • full-fat dairy!


yes let’s do this! I’m ready to feel freakin’ amazing!

I’m ready to feel amazing :)

  • after receiving payment we will ship you your materials and add you to our Facebook group.
  • if you have any questions about this program feel free to email Nichol!