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lessons learned from 2016

this is going to be your best year ever.

you know why?  because you are on path.  you know what it takes to be healthy and feel amazing.  now it’s time to step up your game!  whatever you’re lacking in, whatever aspect of our foundations you struggle with – make a plan to work with it and improve on it.

take a chance.

better to have tried and received some valuable feedback, lessons, memories, and experiences, than not to have gone for it at all.  go for it.  go for love.  go for that venture.  take the chance, take the risk.  it’s the only place we actually grow.

our foundational protocol is truly the SHT.

I’ve looked at countless “challenges” and nutrition programs.  they are either completely wrong, OR if they are even close to being steered in our direction, they either give me confirmation we are on the right path, OR confirmation that what we offer so much more superior.


space is a reoccurring theme that pops up everywhere.  we need space.

  • space with food.  in the space is when we are burning fat, becoming self-sufficient, healing, and evolving.
  • space with thoughts.  without gaps in thought, we are on repetitive auto-pilot all day. prime & practice in the morning, including meditation.
  • space with just about anything in your life.  space from working out (so you can heal and adapt).  space from being up each other’s butt’s all the time.  space from work.  space from modern living (getting outdoors).  and the list can go on and on.

being 100% real food is a game changer.

it’s fine to have occasional “approved SHT” items here and there.  but if you focus on eating 100% real food as often as possible, I promise, everything about your health and the way you feel will be better.  there’s just something different about real food.  and of course when we need a cookie, or a pizza, or something similar, we do have our alternatives to go to.  but they should not be the norm!

avoid gluten.

of all things to avoid, gluten has to be up there for sure.  period.  for everyone.  it’s the #1 thing contributing to gut permeability, leaky gut, and many of the autoimmune disorders, immune system dysfunction in general, as well as skin issues, digestive issues, and just about anything that we’re trying to move away from.  maybe it’s American wheat, maybe it’s the amounts, but I think it’s pretty clear – we all need to stay away from it.

with carbohydrates – it’s all about frequency and duration.

the timing is CRUCIAL for sure.  but it’s also about frequency and duration.  if I have carbs spaced out all over the day, it’s very different than eating them all at once.  the longer I have the presence of insulin, the longer I’m keeping my body from tapping into fat stores and having all kinds of other benefits.

exercise is way more important than we’ve emphasized.

exercise tells your body what kind of composition it should have.  without it, we may feel pretty good, and have pretty good health markers, but nothing like when we include functional fitness.

it’s all about community and social connection.

we have to spend more time with each other, and some of that has to be outdoors.

fat loss is important to all of us.

we’ve dedicated much of our time to perfecting our fat loss program coming out this year.

you have to tie it all together.

no one foundation is more important than another.  nothing is more important than anything else.  the days I’m 100% with ALL our foundations is different from days I’m only 100% with food.  which is why I’m really excited about our application!  it ties it all together!

constant learning = constant progress.

we have to keep learning and experimenting to keep progressing.  we highly recommend following this progression:

  • SHT as a foundational program, as many times as you want to go for it (10 weeks).
  • ATAVIST Purist program (4 weeks).
  • Strategic Detox (2 weeks).
  • ATAVIST Fat Loss (5 weeks).

that should take you through almost half a year of learning and evolving!

make this your best year ever by committing to YOURSELF and to US!!!  we need you!!!

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach