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let’s take back our Black Friday :)

instead of running around frantic participating in all the consumerism built up around the holidays, let’s take back our black Friday and come back to the true essence of what we are supposed to be celebrating holidays for in the first place.  on this Black Friday (and any day that suits you):

  1. choose NOT to participate in the madness.  instead, CHOOSE to enjoy the day off and spend some quality time doing nothing.
  2. take some time to truly think about all the people you are grateful for:
    1. find a special spot, break out a notepad and paper.
    2. make a list of the people you’re grateful for and for whom you want to express your appreciation.
    3. really put some thought into what it is you want to do to show our appreciation.

here are some of our ideas for “gifts:”

  1. put a message out to your family and friends setting some ground rules and your expectations from them as far as gifts to you.  something along the lines of “because I am choosing to DON’T BUY ME SOMETHING FOR THE SAKE OF BUYING ME SOMETHING OR THE HOLIDAYS.  spend some time with me.
  2. when it comes to doing for others, the best thing any of us can offer is our healthful presence.

  3. IF WE ARE GOING TO BUY OR DO SOMETHING, put some deliberate thought into it and make sure it adds value!  what are their preferences?  what would they actually get value of, use, or benefit from?

  4. choose a favorite book!!!  and request they actually read it!  something that has changed your life and that you know will change theirs.
  5. choose EXPERIENCES.  tickets to a show, or a dinner date with you, or even cooking dinner together.
  6. gift cards kinda suck!  but some cash?  cash is a great idea.  for some reason that seems a little more valuable!  a $5, $10, or $20 bill with a note!
  7. just about anyone in the SHT community would appreciate coffee, bacon, and/or chocolate
  8. a donation to a noble cause in their name!
  10. the gift of health!!!  buy them an SHT Real Foodie Masterclass :)


let’s take back our Black Friday.

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach