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You are meant to have influence.

“Resilience is a choice. Choose wisely…you are not only affecting your life, but those who “watch” you.” – Kris Yagel

When you’re young it’s about how hard you can go at life. How hard you can push. You tend to sacrifice long-term happiness and health for short-term successes.

But as you age you realize it’s about staying in the game and showing up at your best consistently so that you can maximize the time you have here. A big part of this is developing friendships and communities, and interacting with your fellow human beings!

NOW is the time to stand up for what you believe. To be vocal about what you believe and what you care about. And to TALK TO PEOPLE. Insert yourself. If you see someone hurting or needing help, say something. If you see someone doing great things – say something! Start up conversations as much as you possibly can!

Check out this podcast where I chat with my West Point classmate and friend Kris Yagel. You can also listen wherever you listen to podcasts including Spotify.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 intro
  • 01:36 Yagel, what’s your story?!
  • 07:44 how to cultivate resilience and the collar bone story.
  • 11:35 Yagel, how important is leadership? and why?
  • 13:52 how can WE normal people be better leaders?
  • 15:22 having awareness and inserting yourself when it feels appropriate even if uncomfortable
  • 18:66 how to be a maverick vs a rebel.
  • 21:39 get to know people! more than you do!
  • 23:07 Chick-Fil-A story.
  • 25:17 don’t be a rooftop leader.
  • 26:55 instead of isolating yourself, build community.
  • 29:06 how important are the people you surround yourself with?
  • 32:44 self critical – enjoy the journey as you strive for your goals.
  • 35:29 how important is self care?
  • 40:36 summary takeaway – how do we be more resilient?  start now. delayed gratification.
  • 42:59 summary takeaway – how do we be leaders?
  • 45:16 summary takeaway – surrounding yourself with others and building community.
  • 46:53 summary takeaway – getting to know people.
  • 49:19 my personal plug for health.
  • 50:43 blackhawk down story
  • 54:21 MY biggest takeaway from this chat!

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Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach