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love your life! all of it :)

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I’ve hit a huge turning point in my personal evolution. I talk about it all the time, and now I experience it daily. I look for, anticipate, expect and embrace times of not looking, feeling, or performing my best. I expect funks. I expect turbulence and resistance. I expect difficulties. and now I embrace ALL of it. because it’s all part of the journey and it’s what makes this life long journey so freakin’ amazing.

  • difficulties and challenges help us grow. within every problem in your life, and every future problem, is a seed of an opportunity for growth. in fact, look at your biggest moments of growth throughout your life, and chances are they were AFTER some of the most challenging times of your life.
  • difficulties and challenges give us contrast. contrast clarifies what we truly want. without contrast, we can’t appreciate the beautiful, and can’t clarify what we truly want. if everything was perfect all the time we wouldn’t notice it because it would all be the same.
  • difficulties and challenges make us wiser. and wisdom is where it’s truly at. I want to share as much love, genuine compassion, truth, and knowledge with as many people as I possibly can for as long as I live. the more difficulties I go thru and learn from, the more wisdom I have to share.

we all KNOW this conceptually. the problem is that when we are hit with difficulties and challenges, this knowledge is forgotten and we sometimes get completely derailed. DON’T! understand this is a part of the process!

the next time you are in a funk, the next time you are hit hard by some life situation, simply pause, sit with yourself, feel the physical sensation of your emotion (get out of your head with it), and then say to yourself:

  • I will grow from this.
  • I will clarify what I want from this.
  • I will gain wisdom from this.

oh, and remember, rise with the sun, set with the moon, eat real food, move functionally, spend time in quiet each and every morning, and spend time around those you love.  having this foundational focus will support you no matter what your life situation!



Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach

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