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loving and living life :)

I have an amazing life.  I really do.  every bit of it is just the best.  I optimize my health daily and I feel amazing.  and then my entire day, my entire career is focused on helping OTHERS optimize their health and feel amazing.  how much better could things possibly be?

and then here and there I get unexpected challenges that turn into gifts.  my man Ryne Milner, morning coach for the CrossFit classes at The CrossFit Combine, had to take off for a week.  I was asked to sub for the 3 morning classes for the whole week = 5am, 6am and 8am.  of course I accept because this is my hub, and these are my people, and I love everything about this joint community that we’ve built around health and fitness.

AND AT THE SAME TIME KNOWING I HAD TO COACH CLASSES WAS A MILD TRIGGER!  I was nervous and anxious, just like I would be about giving a talk or doing a presentation.

sure enough, pushing my comfort zone has given me some additional wisdom, growth, and evolution.  I prepped every night for the next day’s classes, thinking very deliberately about the warmups and the classes.  I put my thoughts on all the amazing faces I knew I was going to encounter and saw each of them at their highest and best selves, smiling and pushing hard and having a great class and a great experience.  looking back there are many things I could have done different or better.  but just having a genuine intention to do my best for these people, to genuinely connect, to be the best I could be for them, really made all the difference in the world.  because I had such a freakin’ blast with it.

and keep in mind, what I did each night this week is what our coaches do every day.  our coaches are amazing.  all of them.  I can’t say it enough.  I love our joint communities of nutrition, health, and fitness.

I had such an amazing time coaching classes this week!  it makes me realize how amazing our coaches are that do this every day, that get to connect with people every day, that get to change lives every day!  and it reenforces what I already know about how amazing all our members are!  they are all individuals with their own interesting and fascinating lives and personalities, that all come here to get better on so many levels.  I just love the hell out of everyone.

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Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach