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jerky and meat snacks.

we love jerky and meat snacks! they are great to have on hand, in certain places, and for specific purposes. check out this podcast and post, lots of good resources!

  • when these “snacks” are appropriate.
  • what to look for and our top recommendations.
  • where to keep them.

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on the topic of “snacks.”

beef jerky and dried meats are some of the best snacks available. most of us that are real foodies probably don’t’ find it necessary to snack much, if at all.  but even if we don’t snack, most of us would all benefit from having some optimal choices available just in case.  I know I find myself wanting a little jerky or bacon mid-afternoon, or at home while I’m getting my dinner ready.


jerky and meat snacks are optimal choices to keep on hand because they are extremely nutrient-dense and satiating.  they will not disrupt our goals when eating real food – nutrients and nurturing self-sufficiency (metabolic flexibility, fat-burning).


snacks may not be the best term.  so let’s clarify snacking. 

  • we advocate no snacking between main meals while at the same time being easy about the whole process, practicing love and kindness to ourselves.  so if you must have something, it’s better to have something that is appropriate. these snacks are relatively non-perishable and perfect to keep around.
  • there are situations where it’s midafternoon, i”m working on a 24hr fast, and around 3pm I just want something.  it’s a perfect time to grab meat snack.
  • snacking is relative.  we don’t advocate snacking in between main meals (at most 3 per day).  if I’m going for 1 or 2 meals and need something this is perfect.
  • also keep in mind, for many of us, especially if we’re eating 2 or 3 meals in a day, some of our meals look like “snacks” because they are so small.  so maybe your midday meal look like a handful of greens with dressing and an Epic bar.

also, let’s talk about temptations!  if you’re in a situation where there’s a lot of temptation, and you get your hunger triggered, it’s great to have this stuff on hand!!!  remember REAL FOOD FIRST!  so if you must eat, it needs to be the right stuff.

there ARE situations where it’s perfect to have these – hikes, camping trips, road trips, plane flights, etc.,  and there are places that are great to keep these things just in case – work, home, office, backpack, etc.


choosing jerky and meat snacks.

when choosing beef jerky and dried meats, use some common sense.  we are real foodies to the core, so we basically want meat, salt, sugar, spices and seasonings.

  • look for minimal ingredients.
  • always avoid the toxic oils, mainly soybean, canola, vegetable, safflower, and low-quality sunflower.
  • always avoid artificial sweeteners.
  • always avoid synthetic preservatives.  this is a tough one because there are many that we aren’t familiar with.  if there’s an ingredient you don’t know, google it or ask us!
  • jerky preservation should come from the salt and seasonings.  even the sugar can initial a mild fermenting process.  so it isn’t a problem.  if you’re a sugar-phobe then just go for something without sugar :)
  • organic gluten-free tamari soy sauce is great!  in fact, soy sauce is fermented, so it comes close to being approved.  but many soy sauces use wheat and gluten in the processing. organic gluten-free tamari sauce is fermented soy sauce with no gluten.
  • gas station jerky is probably not the best!


our top picks for jerky and meat snacks.

there are plenty of other approve options out there, but these are our top picks!


honorable mentions?

  • bacon :) once cooked bacon is surprisingly shelf-stable.  I’ve taken bacon with me in a ziplock bag for a weekend of camping and never refrigerated it, and still ate it the following week.
  • cured meats :)
  • canned sardines.  we love Wild Planet.  love them!


best places to keep these amazing dried meat snacks?!

because they’re pretty much non-perishable for a good length of time, they are perfect to keep around just in case you get a craving, and it can keep you from eating crap.

  • backpack. I always have some.
  • purse.  when I dress like a woman, I do.
  • man-purse ;)  don’t carry but if you do.
  • the glove box of your vehicle. always.
  • at the office!  just in case your co-workers bring around the crap!  you’ve got a backup!
  • at the house!
Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach