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if you are tired of trying to figure out what exactly to do to be healthy, because there is SOOO much conflicting information, here is our formula for figuring out any health topic.  it includes 3 easy steps


ask the question – what did my ancestors do?  recent and long-term.  ask this question with a genuinely inquisitive mind.

if I’m trying to figure out nutrition, I would ask, what did my ancestors eat?  what did my personal ancestors eat, several generations back, or even hundreds of generations back?  what did they eat in the parts of the world they came from?  what did humans eat in general?  what did humans eat before modernization?  what did they NOT eat?

  • consider asking your family members what your heritage is, and then research what those populations ate.
  • search google for things such as “evolution of the human diet” where you will pull up all kinds of information.  some of it relevant and accurate, some of it not.  a great example is this paper “Origins and Evolution of the Western Diet.


you can try to research modern ways of eating, especially those that are based in REAL FOOD, and seem to work really well.  do NOT fall for shake programs and weight loss programs.  you want something that is based in real food, and something that seems to work well.

look into existing, healthy populations that are non-modernized – such as modern day Hunter Gatherers!

look around at healthy people you know!  not just people that look healthy, but people that are healthy, in all aspects, and ESP those that have transitioned from being unhealthy to having superior health markers.  and ask them – what did they do?

use resources from people who had already asked the question and done the research.  a great resource is the Weston A. Price Foundation.  check out their ABC’s of Nutrition here.

or you can ask someone who has a track record and worked with a lot of people to change their HEALTH.  not just their body composition, but their HEALTH!


now formulate your own guidelines and put yourself through a 4 week “experiment.”  keep in mind, you need at least 4 weeks for any major for your body to fully adjust.  keep in mind, when you make any significant change, even if it’s the right change, you will go through an adjustment which may be uncomfortable.  give yourself some time to adapt, and pay attention to how you look, feel and perform!