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Our Mission and Values

we’d like you to learn a little more about us, why we are here, and what we are trying to do!

we feel like most people are completely lost when it comes to how to be truly healthy.   there is so much misinformation and conflicting information, even within the holistic realm, that it is very difficult to know what is right!  in fact, I had my own health issues years ago, doing what I thought was healthy.  this is what set me on this path.

we’ve been there and done that with many things, and our wisdom and experience continue to grow and evolve.  we are not anyone methodology, we are all methodologies that are true, and we bring the best of the best to you.  our best of the best is what we call our foundations, and they continue to improve and evolve.

we are a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Lifestyle, and Performance Coaching organization that is here to support you on your personal holistic health journey.

Our Mission

we are on a mission to empower the planet with the freedom that comes from understanding, implementing, and experiencing our foundations.  freedom to experience life as we were meant to live – with energy, vibrancy, clarity, purpose, and with the ability to dream again.   so that we can truly REDISCOVER HOW WE WERE MEANT TO LIVE.

Our Foundations:

  • holistic, real food (body).  we are a hybrid of many real food methodologies that work, including but not limited to paleo, primal, Weston A. Price, low-carb, ketogenic, and vegan.  included in this we have the capacity to work with just about any condition and improve it, in conjunction with supporting your doctor’s efforts.
  • setting circadian rhythms (sleep).  we work with people to improve energy levels during the day, sleep at night, and overall hormonal balance by helping them align their biological rhythms with the rhythms of the universe :)
  • meditation & mindfulness (mind).  we believe in daily practice, training the mind like you would train the body.  and practicing mindfulness constantly.
  • grounding & outdoors (nature).  there are measurable, physiological and psychological benefits that come from being in contact with the earth.  spending time outside, getting sun exposure, getting into pristine environments, and disconnecting from this modern world are all crucial to optimal health.
  • functional fitness (movement).  move as we were meant to move!  we recommend learning how to move properly and learning how to incorporate a variety of movements, durations, and intensities so we can be generally prepared for anything.  this will give us the health and aesthetics we all want!
  • natural solutions (toxicity).  we must have natural solutions and alternatives to over-the-counter medications, home cleaning products, and things to support our mood and emotions.  we love essential oils, and we also love to cross-reference foods, cleaning products, and other items with
  • simplicity & elegance (minimalism).  we’re all about making this work in a modern lifestyle, with ease, grace, simplicity, and elegance, so that we can spend the majority of our time on the things that are truly important.
  • cultivating community (synergy).

Our Daily Focus:

  • we are committed to creating empowering content. blog, videos, social media posts, and podcasts.
  • we are committed to ongoing support for our community and the people we’ve worked with. constant classes, social events, social media, and the application. and you can reach out to us anytime!
  • we are committed to constant outreach. when someone needs help, they find us easily and effortlessly through web search, word of mouth, or synchronicities. we are like a beacon of hope for those who are suffering.

Some of our Values

  • we always put ourselves first. because our vitality is crucial in facilitating others’ vitality.
  • we are committed to constant learning and experimentation.
  • we love what we do every day.
  • we are examples for everyone to follow – optimal, vibrant health. happiness. unity. teamwork. compassion. forgiveness. understanding.
  • we are proud rebels against conventional wisdom’s view of health.
  • we are advocates for those seeking the truth about obtaining health and vitality.
  • people must have an exceptional experience when they work with us.

Our Community Values

  • FREEDOM which comes from understanding, implementing, and experiencing our foundations for health, which give us tools we can use for a lifetime.
  • simplicity and elegance. we never want to be neurotic, we always want to keep things easy.
  • we always put ourselves first. we make our health a priority.
  • constant learning and experimentation, which leads to honed intuition.
  • it’s about the journey and enjoying the process.
  • love and kindness to ourselves and everyone else as they figure all this out.
  • we’re all about making this work in a modern lifestyle and taking advantage of what we can learn from science, and taking advantage of modern conveniences.
  • there never failure, only feedback. we strive for perfection, and learn from imperfection. we are either getting the results we want, or getting feedback to help us change what we are doing to get what we want.
  • our contribution to this world is empowering others with our example.
  • lead by example. we do not argue or debate our way of doing things.