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most of us consume mostly animal meats most of the time :) things like eggs, beef, pork, bacon, and poultry tend to be our staples.

this fine since our first priority is 100% real food. but if you’re trying to optimize, you’ll want to branch out and start consuming more variety.

any place we have humans living near coasts, we see them eating tremendous amounts of shellfish. many ancestral inland populations would trade produce with coastal populations so that they could get these foods. and not because of the way they tasted necessarily, but because of how they made them feel and how they impacted fertility and overall health.

shellfish are loaded with concentrated amounts of sea-based minerals and nutrients. in forms and amounts we just don’t get from other animal meats. they are concentrated nutrition, and because they are soft, they are easy-to-digest, cooked or not cooked.

here are our top 3 mollusks – oysters, mussels, and shallots. a reasonable goal? one evening per week of shellfish.  JUST TO MIX THINGS UP!



  • oysters are extremely nutrient-dense, the most nutrient dense of all shellfish. they one of the greatest sources of bio-available zinc. they hav over 1000% of daily b12 requirements. they have 1,200 IU of vitamin A, and they are great source of folate, among other nutrients.
  • we’d recommend eating them whenever you have a chance at a restaurant that serves them fresh. or you can try these canned ones. a pack of 18 is about $2.25 per can.
  • farmed or wild are both perfectly appropriate when it comes to most shellfish.



  • one of our favorites because they are so easy to cook! find yourself a pack of mussels meat, throw into a skillet with some butter, cream, salt and pepper, maybe some hot sauce and 10 minutes later you have an amazing meal.
  • extremely nutrient-dense with massive amounts of manganese, b vitamins, and folate, plus all the bio-available minerals we would expect from a shellfish.
  • many health food stores sell mussels meat vacuum sealed and frozen. we’ve had good luck at Whole Foods. most Asian markets carry them as well.
  • farmed are fine, but you can also find pretty cheap ones that are wild caught.



  • probably the most palatable of these 3, scallops taste amazing. and they couldn’t be easier to cook – a skillet with some butter, cook on both sides till brown, add a little salt and pepper and boom.
  • just like our other shellfish, massive amounts of b vitamins and b12, and bio-available minerals like magnesium, selenium, and zinc.
  • farmed or wild are great! try to find ones that are $15 per pound or less.


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Paul C. Tijerina & SHT HQ

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Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach