I’ve never met anyone more passionate about holistic nutrition than Paul Tijerina….his Superhuman transformation totally changed my perspective of the proper way to fuel my body-before the transformation I had tried a variety of diets and nothing really seemed to provide lasting results…I was looking to implement a healthy lifestyle not just another fad diet and Paul and his program was the key that took my body to its optimal performance. Paul is a gifted teacher with innate wisdom and patient guidance that can help anyone discover the way we are meant to eat! His programs are inspiring and empowering…he delivers his message with powerful clarity and he can relate to the struggle with food so many of us have experienced and show us the true path to incredible health! I’m forever grateful to Paul for being a leader and showing me a way of life free from processed food, sugar, gluten and yo yo dieting. I finally feel confident in my body and properly educated on how to make the right food choices! Paul’s program definitely started me on the right track on my journey to the Miss Nevada stage!