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I am a competitive golfer, actually at a fairly high amateur level.  For the past 2 years I have been on a quest to see how good I can get.  This has meant finding a great swing coach, a personal trainer and a chiropractor to keep me strong, healthy, and moving forward.  After about 18-20 months of following all these great minds my quest was progressing nicely.  The things that seem to hold me back were my inability to workout as aggressively as I wanted and the time I spent preparing food to take with me everywhere I went, (of course I wanted to eat “clean” (wink-wink)).  This was a huge drain on my time, frustrating, and to top it all off, my husband didn’t want to eat the same way that I did.  Just about the time we were discussing having food and/or meals delivered, Paul Tijerina’s name came up at my gym, (talk about synchronicity…).  I called him within a few days and have never looked back!

In only a few days, I noticed that my daily bloating and gas issues disappeared.  About a week later, a friend complemented me on my “healthy glow.”  Before I knew it, I was able to workout harder and more regularly than before.  I continued to pack food to take everywhere, but realized I wasn’t eating it!!  OMG!  You mean I can actually play a round of golf without a cooler full of snacks?!   Say it isn’t so….  My shape started to shift and my clothes felt better; my confidence began to rise and spill over to all aspects of life.  (A bonus: my husband embraced the 5 basic food groups, learned to cook a bit and meal planning became so much simpler.)  Many “experts” have told me to meditate and quiet myself, but Paul actually got me to do it with commitment.

There are just so many things I could say that contributed to an amazing experience with Paul and The SuperHuman Transformation.  First of all, completing all the challenges was extremely empowering!  We often doubt our ability to try something completely outside the box, but when you do and succeed….the confidence boost is incredible.  My husband and I have really liked the ease of meal preparations and the ability to make things to last for several days.  Learning the science, (and the politics??), behind everything was also empowering.  (I distinctly remember Paul telling me at our first meeting: “you’ll know things that others won’t, a sense of ‘superhuman-ness'”)   The Facebook group is invaluable.  As a private client, the Facebook page helped me feel connected to everyone going through this incredible transformation.  But, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the passion Paul has for this quest and his compassion for each and every client.   There seems to be no end to what he is willing to do to assist us in becoming the best, most bad-ass SuperHumans possible.