Michelle Diaz

Michelle Diaz (https://www.facebook.com/michelle.diaz.988) completed her SuperHuman Transformation in July of 2015, and has kept going since!  we are so proud of her!


her post challenge survey results:

  • I was diligent with challenge progressions: close to 100%
  • I attended the challenge meetings: ALL
  • I loved the challenge and what it did for me: SuperHuman all the Way!
  • I would recommend this challenge to others: 100%,welcome to the pride
  • I noticed my body composition improve: big time
  • I felt my clothes fit better: BIG TIME
  • my energy levels improved: hell yeah
  • I had digestive issues resolve: BIG TIME
  • my sleeping patterns improved: relative to before, slept like a baby!
  • I noticed the lifestyle factors have an impact: YES!
  • I noticed improved mental clarity and emotional stability: big time
  • the personal process including the gratitude, silence and envisioning had an impact: hell yeah
  • I came off medications and/or noticed a health condition improve: yes

conditions that improved:

  • IBS issues- Little to none
  • Skin: eczema patches have gone away and am able to tell what I react to

Michelle Diaz 

The SHT has by far been one of my greatest journeys in life!

Before beginning the SHT I had lost all hope in my health and energy. For about 15 years I had dealt with digestive and skin issues that unfortunately medication did not help me and felt there was nothing left to do other than just deal with what I was going through. I dealt with a lot of stomach pains as a child that I always PREFERRED to just stay at home, because the majority of the day I didn’t feel well. I was always nauseous and would even keep away from eating at work because any small thing would make me feel sick. I dealt with a lot of anxiety and unfortunately I did get anxiety/panic attacks. I had little to no energy in the morning time, and my focus was way off in both work and personal life.

Since going through the SHT I have gone through amazing, positive changes!  Paul has really helped me in so many ways and I can’t thank him enough. I have become a morning person (which I NEVER thought possible) and I have come to realize that there is such a thing as 5 am on my alarm! I now look forward to my morning routine of mineralized water, Super Human priming, and fasted training because it gives me the energy and positivity to start my amazing day.  I am now more alert and focused in all parts of my life, and I am confident in my choices as well as my body. I now have a lot more energy and confidence to get stuff done (work) that I normally did not make the time for.  I deal with stress so much better and yes no anxiety attacks in a very long time! I do not worry about getting sick because my body feels its very best! Most importantly my digestive and skin issues are now regular. I now eat at work without worrying about how the food will make me feel. My food is delicious and I don’t feel sluggish after eating anymore! My eczema is now gone, and have been able to actually rest at night without waking up in the middle of the night and having to scratch. This has been such a life changing experience.

In order to keep myself motivated and engaged, and to help us all empower the planet together I plan to, continue on with Paul. I look forward to my maintenance meetings to continue the positive changes that are yet to come!