thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all the birthday posts and private messages. wow. very humbling. I can’t really even put into words what it means to have this much genuine human interaction. I’m not sure if you can see it in my interactions and talks, but I’m an introvert. I’m very shy. I have a big heart, but I know I come across rigid, and my appearance may not make for a first impression of love and kindness. at the same time I want to be in front of and in contact with as many people as possible to share my message because I deeply care about humanity. which is a very interesting combination. but from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

however, I do want you to understand something very important about birthdays and age. . .

I don’t care about getting older. I care about getting better.

• in 1999 I was fit, healthy, and lean, in spite of not fully understanding health.
• in 2002 I started putting on some weight and experiencing some symptoms of downward decline. I also became a meth and adderall addict.
• in 2004 I knew, without a doubt, that I had some significant health issues creeping up, but I refused to go to the doctor.
• in 2006 I finally stepped into a doctors office and was put on blood pressure meds, metformin (pre diabetic), and a statin.
I took claritin D every day. I took Zantac every day. I felt like crap. slept like crap. had no energy, no enthusiasm, no mojo, no libido, and no more dreams. I felt like a failure.

today I am better than I have ever been in my life.

• I’m stronger – I squat 385lbs, deadlift 480lbs, and am doing olympics lifts like snatches and cleans daily.
• I’m more conditioned than I’ve ever been – I’m able to hold my own with conditioned athletes much younger than myself.
• I’m more flexible and mobile than I’ve ever been. I used to have back and knee pain. now I incorporate gymnastics into most of what I do. I never thought I would be doing handstands, L-sits, skin-the-cats, muscle-ups, etc.
• I’m wiser, more focused, and more emotionally stable than I’ve ever been. no matter how difficult my life situation, I never ever get derailed.
• I’m happy. I love life. I love my life. and I love others.
• I meditate, dream, create, and envision daily.

I don’t care about getting older. I care about getting better. and today I’m better than every other version of myself in every way imagineable. if I were to compete against my old 25yr old self, my 30yr old self, or my 35yr old self, I’d beat the hell out of them all.

I don’t care about getting older. I care about getting better. and I care about getting YOU better. I want to share this special gift with as many of you as possible. EVERYONE deserves this kind of freedom. everyone deserves to look, feel, and perform better than the day, week, month, year or decade before.

you should never care about getting older. you should only care about getting better. it is completely possible to get better with age. let me know how I can help you. it’s truly what I care about. I pray daily, I envision daily, for this genuine compassion that I have to show in my interactions. THIS IS WHAT I CARE ABOUT. HELPING YOU. and I will do everything I can to support you in your journey.