Tricia Lloyd Dettling

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How do you summarize something that has had an impact on absolutely EVERY aspect of your life?

I have never felt so alive, so rested and so fulfilled.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a researcher. I want to know everything about everything. But honestly there is so much information and opinion out there about health and wellness that it is just overwhelming. Vegan, Paleo, juicing…  It’s just too much.  You know what?  I have tried them all. I was always looking for the right program. I never found it until I met Paul.

To be truthful, I almost backed out the day before our program began. I had been a  supplement/shake user for many years and was quite nervous about giving them up. I talked with Paul and asked if I could continue my shakes and he said adamantly, “No! Deal breaker.” Even though my brain was questioning and putting up road blocks my soul was BEGGING me to get on board. Deep down I knew this was what I needed. I almost didn’t start and the thought of that now makes me so sad. What if I hadn’t started? What if I was still waking 35 times a night? What if I was still hating food and even more hating myself for losing control and eating “bad” food? WHAT IF I had missed out on this opportunity? The thought of not being where I am now is absolutely  depressing. It started with a step, or maybe even a leap, BUT I started and even though it was scary it is much more frightening to think that I could still be where I was. SHT has made me a better mom, wife, athlete, HUMAN.

The greatest relationship I will ever have is with myself.  SUPERHUMAN TRANSFORMATION  isn’t just a program, it is a journey. A quest  to get to know and understand me. My body… My mind, My heart. I am not finished. My journey to know, love and honor myself will last a lifetime. Thank you Paul for your love, guidance, knowledge, support and friendship.  You have changed my life and I am forever grateful.

Many of you know I have been involved with ATAVIST Nutrition, Paul Tijerina completing a 10 week Real Food Challenge. We are now in our maintenance phase. I have been working to write a synopsis of my progression during this challenge. I have been so focused on perfection and “wording it just right” that I have missed the point of “getting it out.” Here is my story, here are the details of this LIFE CHANGING experience that I was lucky enough to be a part of. This is how it has changed my life.

  • SLEEP!  I sleep so well! I have never been a great sleeper. I have had sleep studies to determine why, with no conclusions. I would wake up on average 35 times a night. I am now at 3 times or less. This honestly makes me so happy I tear up. Finally!!
  • I FEEL amazing! My body works and performs like I have never experienced. In times when I would usually exhaust my body finds that next gear and.. pushes through. It’s unreal to me. This may sound odd, but I have a complete TRUST for my body now. It will work, no questions.
  • HEALTH – I was on medication for gastritis at the beginning. I no longer need them. I would actually drink “healthy” products for energy twice daily that made me gag to the point of almost vomiting? Wonder why I had gastritis? I also started having hot flashes back in January, that I used hormones to control. I no longer have hot flashes!
  • I LOVE food again! I have been on a low fat diet since I was 12. No more good food/bad food. Just REAL FOOD! Food that I love. Food that is delicious and nutritious. No deprivation. Seriously it is freeing!!!
  • Gratitude – I not only see it, I practice it daily. It’s the real deal!
  • I don’t eat 5-6 times a day. All I could think about before was when and what I was going to eat. I carried processed protein bars with me EVERYWHERE. Now 2-3 meals a day. Simple and easy!
  • The Numbers – I have finally put Health first and appearance where ever it falls. I DO NOT weigh myself. It doesn’t matter. BUT I know that a lot of people still really care about numbers, so I will give them to you, BUT only because I hope they INSPIRE you to make a change. Look in to our challenges and change your life. You are stronger than you think you are! You CAN do anything you set your mind to!
    I lost:
  • 1 3/4 inches in my waist
  • 2 inches in my hips
  • 5% reduction in body weight
  • 19.3% reduction in body fat

That’s my story, not so short but very sweet.
I would like to thank Paul and my entire #SHT family for your support and love.