on June 3rd we have 2 options to help you get your SHT back together, and get back to the basics with our foundational principles:
  1. 1.5-hour Rejuvenation Day, starting at 11:30am ($65)
  2. 6-week ATAVIST purist & fat-loss progression, kickoff meeting at 1pm ($218)

please read below for more details on Rejuvenation Day. . .  for details on ATAVIST purist & fat-loss, visit here.

we all loved our original SHT experience. we loved the structure, the newness and the accountability.  remember what it was like to embark on a new program, with all the excitement and anxiousness and diligence that came with it?

now that the progression is over, it seems you might be feeling like “and now what?

we received a ton of great information.  for some of us almost too much to hold onto and remember.  some of us struggle to continue doing the things that worked for us during our original SHT:

  • maybe we’ve become too lenient with our #safestarches and fruits.
  • maybe we’ve allowed too many of the “approved” SHT items in there.
  • maybe we’re eating too much.
  • maybe we’ve drifted away from the morning SuperHuman Priming process.
  • maybe we’ve forgotten about the lifestyle factors.
  • or maybe we’ve completely fallen off the wagon.
it’s all good.  we understand because we’ve been there ourselves.  we realize there is a need for something more.  so we’d like to offer you 2 options, from the heart, to you, and for ALL OF US :)

for $65 get 1.5 hours of power kicking off at 11:30am plus a full day of rejuvenating yourself at the luxurious spa at JW Marriott.

this meeting is designed to bring you from wherever you are, BACK to the basics, and back to the community of support that is always here for you.  at this meeting:
  • review of all our foundational principles.  this will not be new information, but we will re-address it with a fresh and purist perspective, going back to the basics, and addressing things we know have been areas of concern for many of us.
  • maintenance journal and guide with concepts and 3 months of journaling, so you can stay on track each and every day.
  • diligence calendar to keep you accountable with nice little diligence stickers :)
  • full day access to the spa at JW Marriot ????

we must have your pre-payment and RSVP so that we can prepare your materials and give JW Marriot a head count!


Rejuvenation Day details:

  • do us a big favor and RSVP to this Facebook event for Rejuvenation Day. this is where we will be posting updates as we get closer :)
  • Rejuvenation Day and ATAVIST Purist & Fat Loss will be held at the JW Marriott Las Vegas, 221 N Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145
  • meeting starts promptly at 11:30am.  please checking by 11:15 so that you can have your materials and be seated by 11:30.
  • afterwards feel free to enjoy all the benefits of the spa.
  • food and drinks may be purchased separately and individually.
  • services like massages may be purchased separately.

if you really want to take your SHT to another level, then join us for the ATAVIST Purist & Fat Loss program.