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routines and habits


this is our best attempt at recapping a talk we did here at The CrossFit Combine around routines, habits, focusing on one thing, and getting back on it.


when we want to make a change or improve an area of our life, we tend to make it very complicated.   the truth is, it can be really simple, if we just get it down on paper, and start simple with one thing.   when choosing what to focus on, we always need to focus on the big 3, the things that will give us the best results the fastest:

  • real food
  • fitness (for most of us CrossFit)
  • sleep


our goal is to make the daily activities that are necessary for health, unconscious habits.  which means initially we may need to put a lot of conscious effort into it, until it becomes a habit!

  1. identify 1 thing you want to change or improve on.
  2. it helps to map out an ideal day.
  3. use how you want to look, feel, and perform as leverage during your moments of weakness.
  4. when you fall off, just get right back on it.


1. identify 1 thing you want to change or work on.

always focus on the things that will give you the biggest results with the least effort.  real food, fitness, and sleep.  pick one of these areas to work on, and work on it diligently, until it feels comfortable, or until it comes together.


2. map out an ideal day.

in my experience, with myself and with clients, we tend to make change very complicated in our minds.  it feels overwhelming and stressful.  but if we can get it down on paper, if we can see it as a visual, it takes the burden and pressure off of the unconscious mind, and you can see the simplicity for what it is.

here’s my ideal day:

here’s what a day may look like to you:

try mapping out an ideal day for yourself!  I’ve used this PDF “my perfect day” with clients and seen great results.  use the timeline and the blank spot to brainstorm, daydream, or doodle.  maybe something like this:


3. use how you want to look, feel, and perform as leverage during your moments of weakness.

check out this post we did on “using tomorrow for today.”  it works!

4.  how do you keep to your routine?  what do you do when you fall off?

  • don’t let perfection be the enemy of doing the right thing.  just get back on it!
  • the sooner you come back the sooner you feel better.  the longer you wait the harder it is.
  • you’re only 1 meal, one workout, or one meditation session away from being back on it.
  • when you come back, don’t try to overcompensate!  just pick up where you left off.


we love you all!

Paul C. Tijerina

Author Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach

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