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say yes!  support those who support you!

I’ve been so blessed.  ever since starting this holistic health journey, I have people that constantly show up, and constantly support.

we all have extremely busy lives.  and we can always rationalize or justify saying NO to things because we have so much to do.  right?!  that’s certainly the conversation I am having with myself NON-STOP!

but when I think about it, every time someone shows up to one of my talks or events or get-togethers, they are taking time out of THEIR busy lives, taking time away from what THEY might otherwise want to be spending their free time on.  they are making sacrifices to support me!

Friday night we had an epic night at Dino’s Lounge.  having a few drinks, a few songs, and tons of laughs.  these people have been with me for a while now, some for years!  it’s always an honor and pleasure spending time with these people!

Saturday midday, I hung out at the finish line of an 80-mile bike ride Tour de Summerlin to support my good friends John Lombard and Nancy Lugo.  I got to hang out in the sun, get some grounding, throw the frisbee with Conan, and spend time with some other friends and supporters David and Lisa.

Saturday evening, I had a dinner with some amazing friends known as Gathering of Conscious Leaders – a group of people dedicated to bettering this planet, each in their own unique way.  this night was AMAZING.  genuine connections.  many of the conversations I had this night were unique and rare and memorable.

Sunday I had a chance to support Caleb and Catherine and their daughter Kosa.  Kosa plays in School of Rock here locally, she can really jam, I love going to her shows.  and I love supporting Caleb and Cat because they do so much for our community and for The CrossFit Combine.  AMAZING day out in the sun, grounding, listening to some amazing music, and connecting with these people.

and this was just one weekend!!!  I could have easily justified working all day, or just staying home and “relaxing,” whatever the hell that means.  but then I would have missed out on all this amazingness.  looking back I’d much rather have the memories of these experiences than working in my office all day.

I am committed to saying YES to events and things that support others. it’s mutually beneficial and synergistic!

so my point here is this:

  • say YES, especially to those that are there for you.  your support means more than you know.
  • when you say yes to others, you’re also saying yes to yourself.  you benefit tremendously from the experiences and the people.
  • take every opportunity you can to get outside of your comfort zone.
  • take every opportunity you can to get outside, in the sun, touching the earth, and being around others.  it’s good for you.

if you’ve got something going on here locally in Las Vegas, let me know, we’d love to support you!

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach