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Life change starts here!

This is about feeling better.

You want to feel better. You want to look your best. You want to have a great quality of life, and age with grace. You want to get the results you want, while doing what’s best. AND YOU WANT SOME CLARITY, CONFIDENCE AND CERTAINTY!



The problem is, there is too much information, from too many directions.

  • We seek information on the internet. We seek advice from others.
  • We are bombarded with information from government associations, organizations, businesses, friends, and family members.
  • We are exposed to information from health and fitness professionals, many of which have conflicting advice.
  • The medical community gives us information that many times doesn’t seem to make sense.



We are also exposed to information that spread deliberately to deceive us in an effort to benefit and profit those behind the disinformation.


The solution? Clarity and confidence.

Gain clarity and confidence:

  1. Education with the correct information.
  2. Experience and experiments that facilitate experiential knowledge and wisdom.
  3. Support from a Master Health Coach and/or the support of an amazing community of people.

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You have 2 options to support yourself:

  1. If you prefer self-study and would like to do it in the company of others, check out our amazing online community SuperHumans United.
  2. If you prefer to work one-on-one with a master health coach, check out our health coaching services below.


Masterful Health coaching.


What you get with real food nutrition coaching…

Learn the basics of real food and then learn how to experiment! We will walk you through the entire process.


Learn the basics of all the popular methodologies…

There is no one diet for all human beings!

But there is a general framework that all humans must eat by! Within that framework, we recommend experimenting with all the popular methodologies. We will help guide you through the process!

  • Weston A. Price
  • paleo
  • primal
  • low-carb
  • ketogenic
  • vegan
  • carnivore
  • fasting protocols
  • and more!

The key is understanding the bigger, broader picture of real food, and then within real food, learn about the successful methodologies and experiment with them.

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Learn the power and synergy of our other health foundations…

If necessary we can also address other lifestyle factors such as:

  • Creating a vision for yourself.
  • Meditation, mindfulness, and cultivating a quiet time.
  • Improving quality and/or duration of sleep.
  • Getting outdoors in nature through grounding, earthing, hiking, and camping.

Schedule a FREE discovery call here.

How the health coaching process works:

  1. Qualify. Schedule a FREE discovery call here.
  2. Schedule first session. If accepted, we will schedule our first session.
  3. Assessments prior to first session. We will send out a comprehensive intake for and Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and Symptom Assessment. These can be completed online. We will also recommend professional body composition measurements and blood work profile. This is optional.
  4. 1st session. We will focus on establishing our relationship together, elicit your values and vision, and connect our first learnings with what we need to support your personal goals.
  5. Successive sessions. We will co-create together to align with your values, vision, goals, and progress :)

This is a dynamic, creative, and exciting process! Health coaching is NOT me telling you what to do. Health coaching IS YOU in the drivers seat, and me helping with navigation!

I recommend a minimum of 3 months (about 6+ meeting) with the flexibility to add more if needed. After our foundational meetings I always recommend my clients move to a monthly maintenance schedule.

We will be meeting once every 2 weeks (again with flexibility depending on what’s going in your life), in-person, or via Zoom. If via Zoom you must be at a desktop or laptop computer so that you can interact with education materials.


Meeting structure

Each meeting will consist of:

  • checkin and reflection on previous days / weeks of work.
  • acknowledgement of what could be just a little better.
  • what we need to do, address, or change to support previous efforts. 
  • a review of your values, vision, and goals.
  • education with new information.
  • co-create goals moving forward.
  • co-create accountability.


Contact between sessions:

I usually pride myself on being available and accessible. That being said:

  • You can text or call anytime! I am usually very responsive. 
  • I will check in with you on weekends to encourage you to make it a great week,
    and one other day during the week.


Other support in between sessions:

I will send emails with relevant blog posts, videos, documentaries, and book recommendations.

I will encourage you to join our online community SuperHumans United. It’s a great place of education, experience, and support. This support site is at I will send you a secret link for the 1-month free trial. Included in this community:

  • discussions
  • questions and answers
  • victories and challenges
  • recipes
  • all our courses



I cannot hold you accountable. I can help you hold yourself accountable. You have the choice to do the work or not. You are not committing to me – you are committing to yourself.

That being said, we have plenty of tools to help with accountability.

  • logging in Cronometer (an online food journaling system)
  • tangerine (habit tracking app)
  • diligence calendars (I provide)
  • we can come up with something custom!

We will come up with goals together, agree to them, and put them in writing. We will also figure out what the best way is to hold yourself accountable for these actions and goals. and we will review your efforts together!


What you can expect from ME :)

My goal is to make you self-reliant when it comes to health. To never question what or how you are supposed to be healthy.

  • education with the correct information, with as much references and resources as you want to back it up. 
  • facilitated experience by helping you come up with your own “experiments” to put what we learn into practice.
  • as much support as you need to move you along your path.
  • complete confidentiality – I will not share anything about our work together with anyone unless you give me permission (for example in the form of a testimonial or sharing an experience we have).
  • I will help you identify and fully engage your strengths on the path to a better future. 
  • I will ask thought provoking questions and encourage you to arrive at your own answers whenever possible and co-create answers otherwise.
  • I will encourage realistic expectations and goals. 
  • I will be direct and firm with constructive reflections when needed. 
  • I will support you in brainstorming creative possibilities for moving forward and navigating roadblocks. 
  • when appropriate, with permission, and within my scope of practice, I will offer advice, instruction, and resources for improving health, well-being, and performance. 
  • I will recognize early whether the chemistry with us is good or not optimal. if not optimal, for any reason, we’ll chat about it and do something about it :)
  • I will acknowledge when you have an issue that is outside my scope of knowledge and skills and recommend other resources. 
  • I will send a summary of each coaching session, including vision and plan for you to edit.

What I expect from YOU.

  • this is a relationship. if you are having an issue or need help, I cannot read minds (although I am close ;). reach out. I’m here to help.
  • come to meetings ready to learn! we will probably get you to question what you think you know about health – and that’s a good thing. because if you knew 100% what to do, you’d be doing it.
  • give your full effort with our simple goals! strive for perfection while being easy on yourself. there is no failure, there is only feedback.
  • you are responsible for following through on behavioral changes. I cannot do it to you. but I can do it with you.
  • setbacks are normal on the path of change and necessary in order to establish new mindset and behaviors. 
  • I need you to be punctual and responsive. again, this is a relationship ;)

Only commit IF and WHEN:

  • you are ready to improve your level of health, well-being, or performance in life or work. 
  • you are ready to take responsibility to make and sustain changes in at least one area. 
  • you are ready to invest at least three months to make improvements.
  • you are ready to be open and honest, and share personal information that is relevant to your health, well-being, and performance. 
  • you are ready to become more self aware and introspective.
  • you are curious and open to suggestions and to try new things. 

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