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SHT success story Joy Parker

SHT Success Story Joy ParkerSHT Success Story Joy Parker

  • mid 30’s to early 40’s :)
  • Owner of Puriteam water filtration and support systems.
  • Graduated her first SHT in April 2017.
  • Proud member of The CrossFit Combine.

beginning symptoms:

  • digestive issues including heartburn.
  • low energy.
  • blood sugar handing issues.
  • high blood pressure.
  • excess body fat.

Joy’s story.

Before beginning the SHT program my health was in a state of flux. My digestive system was not functioning properly. I was plagued with heartburn on a regular basis and pre-diabetic. I would experience blood sugar drops in the afternoon which caused me to rest when I should have been working out or spending time with family. When I was given the opportunity to sign up for the 10 week Super Human Transformation I jumped on it and I remember thinking I can only go up from here. I was all in, I followed every guideline and within two weeks I started to feel better and I quickly started to realize that I was always meant to eat this way.

SHT success story Joy Parker post SHT April 2017

SHT success story Joy Parker post SHT April 2017

I also feel that I have experienced great success in this program because our bodies are meant to be self -sufficient (creating its own energy and burning fat for fuel).  That is where the BIG win came for me. Once my body became self-sufficient, once my body started learning how to burn its own excess body fat for fuel, my blood sugar drops (like hypoglycemia) immediately stopped and my blood glucose levels aligned within the normal range after only three short months. I cannot say enough about how important it is to eat the right foods, to time things properly, and to nurture space between meals.  It made all the difference in the world for me.   I see it, I feel it, I experience it.

As I sit here eight months later, I am 39 pounds lighter, my cholesterol level has dropped by 60 points, I am no longer pre-diabetic , and most importantly I feel AMAZING!! I want to share my experience with everyone because I know there are so many people that are suffering from the same issues I once did and I know you can reverse it through this program. I want everyone to feel AMAZING!!

  • Weight at start 219.41 – weight today 11/17/17 – 177.41 = Total weight loss 42lbs
  • Waist at start 42.5 – waist today 11/17/17 – 35.25 = 7.25” difference
  • Fat % at start 48.3 – fat % today 11/17/17 33.8 = 14.5 percent difference
  • Hips at start 47” – hips today 11/17/17- 39” = 8” difference (You know the hips don’t lie)
  • Also very important – my blood pressure was 148/98 when I started and recently it was 118/70 – Now that’s something to be excited about.
  • Non measurable results – I feel AMAZING!!!

Joy’s transformation is a combination of diligence to the SHT foundations, and a commitment to CrossFit at The CrossFit Combine!  the SHT foundations of real food, sleep, sun exposure, grounding outdoors, meditation, and community, facilitate Joy feeling amazing each and every day!  CrossFit builds her strength, conditioning, mobility, body awareness, coordination, and shapes her muscles – combined this is a winning combination for looking, feeling, and performing amazing!

got questions on water quality?  need a home Reverse Osmosis system?  reach out to Joy!  she’s our go-to for all things water!  check out our recent post on sourcing your water here.

Joy Parker, CWS1
Ph. 888-491-4100
Fax. 888-759-8905
Las Vegas, NV

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach