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solitary walks.

many of us are habituated to occupying our minds every moment of the day.  even when we have free time, we choose to listen to music, podcasts, books or talk to someone else.  it’s rare that we have any time to ourselves.


we’ve discussed before why it’s important to meditate, and understanding what’s happening in our minds. in order to alleviate some of the sufferings that comes from constant thinking, we need time to ourselves with our own minds, without the inputs of other minds. listening to music, podcasts, or books, although beneficial in some situations, is still input from other minds. we’re still being influenced by other minds!


morning walks are beneficial in and of themselves.

there are tremendous benefits to walking in the morning before the day begins! physiological and emotional:

  • it’s good to get the body moving, on an empty stomach. it forces the body to use its own body fat for fuel.
  • starting the day deliberately sets a tone of deliberateness for the rest of the day.
  • it feels good to be present with the day as the day begins. you can envision what you want for your day and the rest of your life.


morning walks, in solitude, without the input of other minds is even more beneficial.

commit to going for a morning walk, by yourself, with your own mind, without the input of other minds. you’ll immediately find this to be very freeing.

  • leave your phone behind. this feels freeing in and of itself.  do not listen to music, podcasts or books. do not talk to anyone. if you need your phone for protection and security, just be sure to put it in airplane mode, and have a commitment not to mess with it unless there is an emergency.
  • notice your tendency to think about something that is stressful or doesn’t serve you, and simply choose not to follow those thoughts.
  • instead, allow yourself to think about anything you want. experiment with starting your walk with no intention of what you want to think about. be fascinated and curious with letting thoughts arise. if you feel like following positive thoughts or creative thinking, go for it!
  • you can also choose to use the walk for present moment awareness, looking around, listening to sounds, feeling your body, and being completely present with the beauty of the morning.


Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach