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Research suggests that roughly 80%of people who shed a significant portion of their body fat will not maintain that degree of weight loss for 12 months. We’ve all been there. 

So why do most “diets” fail? Because they aren’t sustainable. And why are they not sustainable? When polled, the reason most dieters bail from a nutrition program is HUNGER – people are trying to use willpower to eat less and exercise more.

So why do we experience hunger?

  1. We are lacking nutrients.

  2. We are lacking energy.

The solution is almost obvious – eat for nutrients, and eat in a way that creates sustainable energy. 

So what’s the solution to dieting if dieting makes us hungry? Don’t diet! Find a way of eating that is sustainable for a lifetime, that focuses on nutrients and creating energy the right way!

The ultra processed foods realm gives you no chance of success because these foods are nutrient-deplete and loaded with sugar and refined carbohydrates. This is a guaranteed recipe for hunger because your body will be screaming for more food as it craves good nutrition, and it will be screaming for more food as you have to keep feeding the carbohydrate cycle.

If you’re eating bread, pasta, pastries, chips, candies, cookies, and grain-based foods on a regular basis, it’s not your fault that you are hungry. Your body’s physiology is making you hungry. Choosing different foods will help with this.

A big linchpin here is the demonization of animal foods and fats. If you believe that animal foods and traditional fats are bad for you, then what’s left to eat?! Plants and carbs!!! If this is your hangup, then reach out and we can give you as many resources as you need to feel confident in eating animal foods and traditional fats. A couple of great books to consider might be Sacred Cow and The Fatburn Fix.

Animal foods and traditional fats are the most beneficial foods you can consume from a nutrient and fat burning standpoint.

So let’s eliminate the signals of hunger by eating for nutrients and by eating in a way that gets you off the carb rollercoaster and into fat burning.

🥩 Eating for nutrients 👇🏽

  • Make the majority of your meals the most nutrient-dense foods you can afford.

  • Animal foods are by far the best source of bioavailable nutrients.

  • Vegetables and greens are powerhouses too.

  • If you tolerate full-fat dairy, throw this in the mix. Dairy has complete protein, healthy fats, and fats that are great for fat-based energy.

  • Make sure you’re using healthy, traditional fats as you prepare these foods such as butter and ghee.

If most of your meals consist of an animal food, a vegetable or some greens, and use appropriate fats, with a little full-fat dairy sprinkled in, YOU’RE ADDRESSING THE NUTRIENT ASPECT OF HUNGER. Eat as MUCH of these foods as you need to to feel satiated and satisfied. Over time you’ll be amazed at how your appetite auto-regulates.

🧈 Eating for fat burning 👇🏽

The ultimate in energy is FAT. Why? Because it’s less damaging over time. It’s a more consistent and reliable fuel source. It’s always available because it’s on our bodies!  Once your body understands how to use its own body fat for fuel, YOU’RE ADDRESSING THE ENERGY ASPECT OF HUNGER because your body ALWAYS has access to this portable energy source that you are always wearing.

Fat and carbs are opposites. So to train the body how to use fat for fuel.

Body fat is stored energy for when we’re not eating. It’s an evolutionary adaptation to starvation. Therefore, we must go through periods of not eating! Which means DON’T GRAZE AND SNACK ALL THE TIME. Stick to 2 or 3 meals in a day with little to no snacking.

A few tips before we leave you:

✅ Don’t focus on eating less. Eat for nutrients and eat till you’re satisfied.

✅ Embrace and prioritize animal foods and traditional fats for their nutritional and fat burning value.

✅ Don’t focus on calories. Focus on nutrients and fat burning.

✅ Choose a way of eating that is a way of life for a lifetime. That’s what we are all about.

Check out the video for more amazing info on this ;)


Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach