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strategic fasting

By July 8, 2019July 27th, 2019No Comments

Strategic Fasting and how to lose bodyfat.

knowing that you don’t have to eat is a beautiful thing.  in fact, not eating is actually extremely healthy.

this is a post and podcast with resources as well as the option to download a more detailed seminar with handouts.

  • what is fasting, and what is the difference between fasting and the SHT Strategic Fasting?
  • why do we want to fast as an SHT community?
  • how long should we fast?
  • how long is too long?
  • what can we have on a fast?
  • what should we eat when coming off of a fast?
  • why does Conventional Wisdom say eat so many times in a day?
  • why is fasting so beneficial?

answers to these and more are in this podcast and below.  PLUS our Strategic Fasting seminar with handouts.

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many of us have struggled with health issues and body composition issues for our entire lives.  much of this is the result of hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance that has been SLOWLY BUILT UP OVER A LIFETIME.  because this has been a slow and cumulative process over time, it can also be challenging and slow-going to undo.


here’s the secret formula. real food + our basic food rules + strategic fasting:

  • 100% fresh real food all the time, based on our rules.
  • moderating dominant carbohydrate intake from real food sources to 1 cup total per evening.
  • move toward eating 2 meals per day with no snacking.
  • experimenting with alternate day fasting, 36hr fasts, 48hr fasts, and extended fasts periodically.


here’s the questions we’ll answer in this seminar:

  • what does fasting do, how does it work?
  • how do we do it?
  • how often should we do it?
  • what can and can’t we do during a fast?
  • when should we not do a fast?


this seminar is this Saturday, 13 July 2019 @ 11am. $20 includes handouts. FREE for current SHT Members.  RSVP here.

we’ll have an online version we’ll send out AFTER Saturday.

SHT HQ is located at 2402 N. Tenaya Way, 89128.

what is fasting?

fasting is an act of willing abstinence or reduction from certain or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time.

for our purposes, fasting is the restriction of a dietary source of fuel, and minimized digestive effort,  for a specific period of time.  specifically, we are looking to restrict starches and sugars, while minimizing digestive effort.

from an evolutionary perspective, fasting is cyclic and hormetic – as a brief stressor, it’s beneficial for the body.  very similar to the stress of exercise. cycling the body through periods of feast and famine mimic conditions that are bodies are used to and give us results that we want.

the benefits of strategic fasting are tremendous.  when the body is in a rest & digest state, and NOT digesting, it is resting, healing, recuperating, and becoming extremely efficient at energy utilization and creation.

caution – experimenting with fasting should NEVER be done without fully immersing yourself in our POWERED by REAL FOOD protocols first.  

benefits of fasting

  • improved metabolic efficiency (#selfsufficiency).  the body learns how to be create energy from fat stores, and maintains it’s ability to use glucose = metabolic flexibility.  this translates into better energy levels, better performance, and optimal body composition.
  • increased quality of life and longevity.  has been proven in the literature to increase lifespan when done periodically, for many reasons including reduced brain insulin signaling and many of the reasons below.
  • improved measurable health markers.  has been shown to greatly reduce triglycerides, LDL-C, and improve LDL particle number.  we also see improvements in glucose numbers, insulin sensitivity, and blood pressure.
  • compliance with optimal eating.  incorporates a schedule and routine with goals to shoot for that make adopting this our way of eating easier.
  • cancer.  a proven protocol for starving cancer cells by forcing the body into #selfsufficiency, and forcing internal healing and cleansing.
  • brain health.  has been proven to increase neurological plasticity (flexibility and adaptability) and promote neuron growth because it gives the body a chance to focus on other priorities besides digesting, including optimizing brain function and strengthening specific neural networks. 
  • improved autophagy.  the process by which cells recycle waste material, eliminate or down-regulate wasteful processes, and repair themselves.
  • improved fitness.  fasted training (and fasting in general) improves metabolic flexibility (#selfsufficiency) by forcing the body to be efficient with fat stores and glycogen (muscle sugar) usage, learning how to prioritize both.  fasted training also improves nutrient utilization by enhancing insulin sensitivity and forcing the body to “pool” nutrients and resources.
  • superior focus and mental clarity.  you should notice that during fasting, there will be a very punctuated window of mental clarity, focus, and overall calmness.  the more comfortable you get with fasting, and the more you experiment with implementing fasting randomly, the more focus and mental clarity you will acquire over time.  most people experience extreme levels of focus, mental clarity, epiphanies, and inspirations in the middle of strategic fasts.
Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach