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Carnivore and animal-based diets are really popular these days. And for good reason – for a lot of people they get results.

But you want to make sure you’re doing it right. So whether you’ve tried it in the past or are just curious, you’ll get a lot out of this video or audio.

We put a progression together to make it EASY to transition in and out of an animal-based diet… while at the same time learning a LOT about yourself.


So what is an animal based diet? 🤔


Think about it like this:

  • you want to eat for nutrients.
  • you want to minimize toxins.
  • you want to nurture fat burning.
  • you want to know what foods you feel best on.


That’s what an animal-based diet is all about.

fine tuning for nutrients, minimal toxicity, fat burning, and learning what foods you do best on.


I illustrate this with my Flexible Animal-Based Omnivore food pyramid.

The actual illustration is exclusive to my members. But I’ll share the gist of it:

  • the base is animal foods and healthful fats.
  • a close second is superfoods such as bone stock, collagen, and organs.
  • next is least toxic plant foods.
  • finally is what makes this flexible – things you enjoy.


Here’s why you may want to try an animal-based diet:

  • to resolve digestive issues, skin issues, or other lagging symptoms.
  • to optimize yoru way of eating by learning what plants you can tolerate.
  • to prove yourself you can do it.


Before starting…

You probably want to understand a little of the “why” behind this whole thing including:

  • evolution of humans
  • delta 15 nitrogen isotopes
  • figuring out what we are designed to eat as humans
  • species appropriate diets – including humans!
  • the spectrum of plants from least problematic to most problematic.
  • and finally how to plan your meals.

That’s what I’m sharing in this video and post.

Timestamps for your convenience:

  • 00:00 what is flexible animal based omnivore including FABO food pyramid
  • 02:39 plant matter priorities
  • 03:06 HOW to do the FABO
  • 05:18 first phase of FABO and what it entails
  • 06:28 WHY this progression?
  • 07:08 evolution of HUMANS
  • 08:07 Expensive Tissue Hypothesis
  • 09:41 delta 15 nitrogen isotopes and trophic levels
  • 11:11 what are we DESIGNED to eat? and digestive system stuff
  • 14:40 the keys to our digestive system
  • 16:30 species appropriate diets
  • 19:52 our ancestors sought nutrients and energy
  • 20:29 assessing foods based on nutrients, toxicity, and energy
  • 22:21 nutrients and energy spectrums
  • 23:39 problematic plant spectrum
  • 24:18 planning your meals
  • 26:55 questions and answers

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Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach