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What a great discussion!

Dr. Bennet is founder the Exit Group. EXIT is dedicated to ending reliance on corporate employment, exiting the main stream narrative, being more self reliant, and helping members accomplish just that. EXIT members are starting businesses, finding remote jobs, learning trades, growing their own food.

We talk about a ton of great things. I have time stamps listed below with notes. BIG TAKEAWAY IS THIS – if you’re not happy with where you are, do something about it. You only have this one life as you know it. You might as well give it a shot, and keep giving it a shot over and over and over!


Time Stamps for your convenience 👇🏼 :)

00:00 exercising VOICE vs EXIT.

04:20 connecting with community for leverage.

10:18 Bennet’s story.

22:36 don’t look at averages. you don’t have to be average.

24:22 the difference between working for someone and working for a passion.

24:55 the power of making your own money outside of the traditional system.

25:55 if you’re not happy with where you are, you gotta try other things. you can’t accept hating what you do for a living.

28:01 Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement

28:14 how tight can someone squeeze you before you walk away? what’s your backup? not so that you have to walk away, but you know you can.

29:22 the power of recreational interviews.

31:41 what exactly do you not like about your situation? and what do you like?

34:11 having a multi disciplinary group of people that you can bounce ideas off of.

42:22 about asking permission. you can take action. you can have initiative.

44:49 you’re never going to be fully ready. things are never going to be perfect. for you to start.

46:46 no plan survives first contact with the enemy. and it’s VITAL to the learning process.

50:23 lottery tickets.

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