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This video/podcast is all about helping you make better decisions in the moment!

You’ve got these things that you want to do that make you feel good, or things you do not want to do that make you feel like junk.

  • The problem is, when you’re in the moment, sometimes it’s hard!
  • It might be useful to have a tool and a process for making better decision in the moment.

⭐️ Connect with how good it feels when you get it right. Ever notice how good you feel the morning of and the day after doing well with your health habits? Maybe you ate super clean the day before. Or maybe you did all the things you need to do to sleep well and you slept like a champ. Or maybe it was a combination of things. But whatever it was, those things made you feel amazing on this day!

⭐️ When you have those good days where you feel great, take a moment, pause, and connect with this great feeling. Acknowledge what you did the day before that made you feel this way. Celebrate!

⭐️ Use your good days for momentum to do it again. Now that you feel great and you’ve connected with what it was that contributed to this great feeling, use it as momentum to do it again! Imagine how great it’s going to feel to wake up tomorrow feeling as good or better than you do now!

⭐️ Use how you want to feel tomorrow to make a better decision in the moment. Now comes the challenge! When you get to that moment where you have a decision and an opportunity to do what you know is going to make you feel good, think about how you want to feel tomorrow. Connect with that feeling. Imagine yourself crawling into bed knowing you got it right, and imagine how you know it’s going to feel when you wake up in the morning!

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Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach