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In this week’s “Week in Review” we discuss all things coffee creamers, meal prep, shopping, upcoming events and more! Listen in for some quick and awesome info on the past week :) Read on below for a bit more info!

Our creamer alternative list

Dessert ideas?

  • Think about the things you like that you think are unhealthy, google a real food version recipe, and try to make it! This will enhance your confidence and your skills!
  • Our online community SuperHumans United has a ton of SHT Approved desserts, and the recipes keep growing.

Meal ideas?

  • What are your favorite foods and cuisines? Google some recipes made with good ingredients.
  • Brainstorm your favorite meals, make a list, and learn how to make them with better ingredients.
  • Brainstorm your favorite dishes within each animal food such as beef, pork, chicken, eggs, etc.
  • For our meal prep methods and all our recipes, check out our online community SuperHumans United.
Best fitness program for building muscle tone and losing fat? 
  • It’s NOT cardio or chronic cardio – it’s functional movements and weight bearing exercises. Look for a gym that gives you a variety of movement, time, duration, and intensity modalities. Anything CrossFit-ish should work, but our favorite here locally is The CrossFit Combine.

When it come to shopping, here are a couple of important points:

  1. There’s probably a healthier alternative for everything you think you have to give up.
  2. Ingredients are most important. Nutrition information isn’t as useful as it used to be. Sugar content is useful for sure. The big things to avoid when reading labels is wheat, sugar, and highly processed plant-based oils such as corn, canola, soybean, vegetable, safflower, sunflower, rice bran, and grapeseed oils.


**If you’ve got access to real food, a way to exercise most days, a place to sleep, and a way to earn money, things can be pretty darn good if you choose to perceive it that way.


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Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach