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Richard! my man!

real food + functional fitness + setting circadian rhythms + sleep + grounding + mindfulness & meditation = SuperHuman.

in just 10 short weeks:

• improved body composition
• higher energy levels
• stronger digestion
• strengthened sugar handling
• strengthened adrenals
• better sleep
• partial reversal of alopecia (hair is growing back!)
• improved focus

and we could go on and on.

Richard’s physical transformation is incredible. even more important, however, is the fact that he just feels freakin good. he can tell you this experientially.

also, if we look at his before and after objective symptom measurements, he saw dramatic improvements in all areas of system function. check out his Symptom Burden Comparison Graph. the worse the symptoms, the bigger the graph. many of his symptoms improved by over 75%. and again, in just a very short 10 weeks.

this progression not only improves your body composition, energy levels, and digestion. it improves every aspect of your life. and the great news is, these benefits are permanent and cumulative over time.

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Richard’s testimonial:

“When I first met Paul I remember thinking ‘blah, blah, blah’ here we go with another guys nutrition stuff. I kinda “tuned out” for most of the meeting. Paul noticed that I wasn’t engaged and probably thought I wasn’t going to keep my end of the program. But the most important things Paul said were about the dramatic shifts I’d see in my entire body. Not just body composition, but other more subtle areas. So I went home and threw away my hazelnut coffee creamer, and gave this whole thing a shot.

“The first day I started with an open mind, but I had random headaches and sleepiness coming on around in the mid-afternoon. after only a few short days I started noticing all kinds of positive shifts, and I got excited about all the healthy things I was choosing to eat instead of what I thought I needed to eat.

“Paul mentions “shifts” in your body, and they may not come fast but they come. While managing a bar and restaurant I have been as diligent as I can be with what i put in my body, and have noticed those major shifts. I’ve added muscle and lost fat while exercising at The CrossFit Combine. I’m fitting in clothes I haven’t worn in years. And I’m feeling better than ever.

“One of the most powerful parts of this progression are the mental clarity, emotional stability, and the thought and meditation process we learn. While I have missed almost every sunrise and sunset, I have seen what the grounding, sunrise, sunsets, and meditation have done for myself, my wife, and my children. They are much calmer and more focused because of this process.

“I honestly think that Paul was the perfect person to bring this change in our lives. I don’t think that we could have made it through without his support. But we are so thankful that we did.”