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nutritional coaching

let us coach you through every aspect of real food. what to eat, how to eat, and how to test your body’s tolerance for specific foods and more!

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

your self talk is your self programming, your perception is your projection. NLP is is a collection of practical techniques, skills and strategies that are easy to learn, and that can lead to excellence in every area of your life. Timeline Therapy ®

CrossFit gyms

enhance your community with seminars and challenges that will blow away.

corporate wellness

not your typical corporate wellness. our seminars and programs will help you minimize healthcare costs by reducing plan utilization, and improving employee health and well-being.

shopping tours

learn every inch of a grocery story by joining us on one of our Whole Foods or Costco shopping tours.

essential oils

if you’re like many of us trying to live a healthier, cleaner, and more holistic lifestyle – essential oils are INTEGRAL and CRUCIAL!


learn to meditate using several different techniques. and then learn to take that power with you through daily mindfulness practices.

improved sleep

whether you suffer from insomnia, disturbed sleep, or a poor sleep schedule, learn the foundations of how to improve sleep naturally.

functional fitness

“if we eat as we were meant to eat, and if we move as we were meant to move, we can live as we were meant to live.” let us show you how we were meant to move :)

life coaching

let us help you envision and create the life of your dreams through a simple and effective process that will change you inside and out.