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what we do?

we change lives.

we help people show up to their lives completely differently through health by feeling amazing.

we help people rediscover how they were meant to live by facilitating health through our foundations.

  • education
  • + experience
  • + support.


our values and personality?

we are freakin’ awesome and amazing!!! you can learn more about us from our posts and podcasts:

in a nutshell:

  • we are mavericks in the holistic health realm! we love being counter Conventional Wisdom. in fact we take pride in it.
  • we are walking and living proof of amazingness!
  • we’re fun, funny, and goofy because we are so freakin healthy and vibrant – our true personalities come out!!!
  • we are ancestral combined with modern, controversial, and HIP!


our programs and methods:

  • we have a comprehensive membership platform with all of our educational curriculum and member perks. by 2023 we have 1,000 members. our membership base allows us to empower others even more, and make this entire experience even more amazing for all of us.
  • all of our programs are available a la carte.
  • we have an amazing book that accompanies the membership and programs. it’s like a book / workbook. it can stand alone or fits perfectly with our membership.
  • recipe website, with periodic hard copies available. this website is dynamic and interactive and truly a great resource.
  • we’re on stages! we’re going places, doing talks, in front of thousands of people.
  • we’re hosting at least 1 relatively local retreat, and one destination retreat. 4 days to 14 days.
  • when someone needs help, they find us easily and effortlessly through web search, word of mouth, or synchronicities.  we are like a beacon of hope for those who need help.
  • we have effortless funding for products, events, and services, which allows us to help others even more.
  • everything we do supports adding new clients or members, or supports our existing clients and members.


where we are?

  • we are THE holistic health company in Las Vegas. when people think about feeling better, we are the name that comes up!
  • we have a presence in CrossFit gyms.
  • we are talked about in media and news “have you ever heard of the SHT?”
  • we have a presence as strong as the Vegas Knights!


our office space:

  • just a hum of fun and excitement as we empower others.
  • our dream team includes SM, video / image, outreach, and “advocate” or concierge.
  • we have a community center PEMF, sauna, cold plunge, garden, etc. that people can use as part of their membership, or as part of a program.
  • we have a meditation room.
  • we have a joint community combined with The CrossFit Combine.