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Before beginning the superhuman process, I was basically living in a haze. I was lethargic on most days, and I was constantly battling anxiety and irritability. Due to this, I found myself not productive and very antisocial. I felt a deep insecurity with my body, and my relationship with food was far from healthy. I yearned for some sort of mental and emotional stability, but the world we live in forces us to take on an intense barrage of information and determine what is the best option. On top of all of that, i had constant headaches and nosebleeds with a healthy side of chronic lower back pain. I essentially felt hopeless.

Since being a superhuman (that word keeps growing on me more and more each day), I feel my life has made a complete 180. To start, all of my physical symptoms are pretty much non-existent. No more headaches and lower back pain. My body composition has shifted dramatically, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress. The most important thing for me, however, was the dramatic shift in mental clarity. I feel as if the haze has been lifted. I have more energy and I get more done. I’m nowhere near as anxious, and I find myself able to handle stressful situations in a more level headed and calm manner. I have a wonderful and functioning relationship with food and my body. I am confident and outgoing. The only struggle I’m having is putting all of this into words, because the process has truly changed so many aspects of my life.

Now that I am finished, i can see myself holding true to the standards i’ve set out for myself through the superhuman process. I’ve gained so many tools from this, and I plan on using them to continue to eat foods that support my body and soul. I look forward to the continued shift in my body composition, and I’m looking forward to continuing my fitness routine. I can’t wait to delve deeper into the superhuman community and continuing to build that strong community and support system. This really is a great group of people, and I’m so excited to shape a wonderful future with these guys.