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if I join your program, and I start eating meat and/or fat, should I be worried about my cholesterol levels?

we are advocates for meats and fats.

and not for the reasons most people think.  it has nothing to do with protein, and has everything to do with:

  • specific fat soluble nutrients only contained in animal meats and fats.
  • training the boy to use fat for fuel.  dietary fat is important, and some of it can come from animal sources.

we’ve worked with hundreds of people in Las Vegas, and even more remotely.

  • we have some people that eat a ton of meat and fat, and a little plant matter. . . and feel amazing.
  • we have some people that eat a ton of plant matter, with a little meat and fat. . . and feel amazing.
  • and everything in between :)  and feel amazing.

I have no idea what their cholesterol levels are, and I personally don’t think it’s important.

your body makes over 75% of the cholesterol internally.

which means that eating or not eating fat or cholesterol is going to have very little impact on the body’s cholesterol levels:

  • if you eat too little cholesterol, your body will compensate by making more.
  • if you eat too much cholesterol, your body will compensate by making less.

cholesterol is so important, EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY MAKES IT.

  • cholesterol is abundant in all cell membranes.
  • cholesterol maintains the integrity of cell membranes.
  • cholesterol helps maintain the fluidity of cell membranes.
  • ch0lesterol helps secure important proteins in the cell membrane for hormonal reception.

when it comes to learning and brain function, cholesterol is crucial!

  • your brain = 2% of your total body weight, yet contains over 25% of your body’s cholesterol!
  • cholesterol is the crucial, glial factor needed for proper synapse formation!
  • our ability to think, make decisions, have memories, have good emotions, etc., is dependent upon this life-giving substance!!!

other important roles of cholesterol:

  • cholesterol is the precursor to all the sex steroid hormones – pregnenalone.
  • cholesterol is necessary for vitamin D synthesis at the level of the skin (with sunlight).
  • cholesterol is the precursor to bile salts which help to digest fats.

for more information check out and also Chris MasterJohn PHD.

low cholesterol can be fatal!

  • Framingham Heart Study. “There is a direct association between falling cholesterol levels over the first 14 years and mortality over the following 18 years.”  as cholesterol levels fell, the death rates when up.
  • Honolulu Heart Program Study with 8000 participants.  the long-term persistence of low cholesterol concentration actually increases the risk of death. the earlier the patients start to have lower cholesterol concentrations, the greater the risk of death.
  • Japanese Lipid Intervention Trial, or J-LIT, covering 47,000 participants.  the highest death rate was observed among those with the lowest cholesterol levels, and the lowest death rate was observed in those with cholesterol levels in a medium range of 200 to 260 mg/dL, which is a level that’s considered actually be high by today’s standards.

what are cholesterol in the rest of the world?

if the population is on its ancestral diet, and if they have superior health markers, they are eating meats, fats, local produce, then cholesterol levels range from 160 – 250mg/dL over a lifetime, with no evidence of any detectable heart disease whatsoever.

check out

what happens when people work with you?

understand that the numbers we look at in a standard lipid panel are not what we should be paying attention to.

  • we do want a high HDL.
  • we do want low triglycerides.
  • we do want an optimal TOTAL / HDL ratio.
  • we don’t care about total cholesterol.  we don’t care about LDL.
  • when people start eating the way we recommend

initially. . .

if they were to go into the doctor, they may see some abnormal lipid numbers because the body is clearing fats from the liver and clearing fats from excess bodyfat.  we do not recommend getting any measurements for at least the first 6 months so that your body can stabilize and normalize.

over the long-term, 6-months – 1  year +

everyone’s measurements and numbers start to fall in line with orthodox medical numbers.

this is all said and sent with love!!!  let me know what questions you have!

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach