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“difficult decisions are easy.  they are only difficult leading up to the decision.”

decisions happen in an instant.  in a moment.  the reality is that once a decision is made, this is typically where we see our greatest growth and evolution.  it’s the anxiety, the anticipation leading up to the decision that makes it appear difficult.  once you make the decision – you’re moving forward.

think about the main things that are bugging you right now.   now think about resolving those issues.  see, picture, and feel what it would be like to be on the other side.  it should feel great.

the difficulty is always the anxiety and stress leading up to the decision, but once the decision is made, you’re moving forward, and you typically feel more free and have a sense of relief after moving through the decision.

gut instinct, conditioned bias, and rationalization and logic

there’s a very fine, blurry line between what we might think is gut instinct, vs conditioned biased, and logic rationalization.  most difficult situations are going to have some anxiety, some uncomfortableness around them.  this cannot be confused for gut instinct.   many times our logic mind will try to rationalize not making a decision, or not doing what we need to do.  again, this is not to be confused with a true gut instinct.

instead, I think it’s much better to ask your heart the following questions:

  • what is the right thing to do?
  • what is it I need to do?
  • what is it I must do?

and then the answers become very clear.  your heart is very intuitive, and factors in everything.

here’s what you can do now:

  1. take out a sheet of paper, divide it into 3 columns.
  2. in the left hand column, write out the top 3 things bugging you.  the top 3 things weighing on your mind.
  3. in the middle column, ask your heart “what is the right thing to do?  what is it I need to do?  what is it I must do?”  and then write that answer down.
  4. on the far right column, write down 2 responses:
    • what is the worst case scenario when I make this decision?
    • what is the best case scenario when I make this decision?

asking these questions and having this insight should give you a freeing feeling.  and understand, there are no right or wrong decisions – only new decisions, which open up a whole set of possibilities that shift as you continue to make decisions.  we’re either getting what we want, or getting feedback that tells us what we need to do different to get what we want.

there’s so much love here for you!

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach