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Listen in to our What You Need to Know conversation from this month! We go over lots of useful info and important topics! See the time stamps below for topic-related times :)

Time Stamps / Topics:

  • 01:29 self reliance and happiness
  • 02:46 muscle centric
  • 10:13 blood sugar handling
  • 13:25 heart rate zones
  • 18:22 best sleep hacks
  • 20:56 mindfulness
  • 28:23 readiness
  • 34:54 podcasts and channels




To Follow:

Dark Horse with Bret Weinstein

BEYOND useful. Critical thinking at its best.

Peak Prosperity

More critical thinking! Chris has the guts to say what needs to be said!

What is Money with Robert Breedlove

One of my favorite podcasts, all about money, bitcoin, and so much more.


The OG in health! You MUST be subscribed to his information.

Russel Brand

LOVE his stuff.

Grand Theft World

OUT THERE. But useful.


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