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what’s with colds, flus, and immune system?

REMEMBER – colds and flus are VIRAL unless they turn into an upper respiratory or sinus infection, and even then, ANTIBIOTICS PROBABLY WON’T HELP.  use your judgment, but if you take antibiotics, there is a price!  make sure you rebuild your MICRO-BIOME.

having an all-out immune response is GOOD.  it means you have a healthy immune system.
what we want over the long-term is:

  • less frequency of getting sick.
  • less duration of the sick.
  • less intensity.


for true prevention, we need nutritional sufficiency and immune system building over time!  the longer we commit to real food, our other foundations, and the right supplements, the more resilient our bodies will be, and the more resilient our immune system will be!

  • EAT REAL FOOD.  our way = our Five Food Groups.
  • GET BALANCE.  meats, fats, produce, varying EVERYTHING to give yourself a broad spectrum.
  • NURTURE #SELFSUFFICIENCY.  train the body how to use fat for fuel.  train the body how to have metabolic flexibility.  this is extremely healthful for the immune system.
  • STRENGTHEN DIGESTION.  specifically, strengthen upper GI acidity, and strengthen the micro-biome.  look for our talk on “WHAT’S WITH GUT HEALTH?”
  • SUPPORT THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM. move regularly, and use a foam roller!  it moves and pushes the lymph so that the body can neutralize pathogens!
  • SUPPORT CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS (sleep).  get sun every day, allot plenty of time for sleep, and turn off all your stuff at night :)
  • MANAGE STRESS.  learn how to meditate!  even better, ask us about “priming & practice.”
  • STRATEGIC SUPPLEMENTATION.  watch our video  things specific to building a strong and resilient immune system:
    • chicken or beef liver weekly.
    • fermented cod liver oil most days for vit A & D, and EPA & DHA (anti inflammation).  we sell this in our office.
    • vitamin D3 most days (most people will benefit from 4,000 IU’s or more).
    • natural SELENIUM from a handful of mixed nuts with Brazil nuts several days per week.
    • bone stock regularly, like a cup to a quart per day!  add collagen as a bonus.
    • iodine.  most people are deficient!  iodine is extremely important for the immune system.  we sell this in our office.
    • magnesium.  everyone would benefit from 400-600mg per day!  we sell this in our office.
    • vitamin C.  we recommend 2g per day, and then 5g boosts when sick.  we sell this in our office.


  • real food + balance + #SELFSUFFICIENCY
  • strategic supplementation
  • strong digestion = HCl + micro-biome
  • lymph system – move / exercise
  • sleep & stress – set circadian rhythms


  • REST!  stop everything and CHILL!  no working out, no staying up late, no drinking!!!
  • continue with everything we mentioned before!!
  • zinc lozenges.  upon the onset of the slightest feeling of the “itch” in the back of the throat, you must start the zinc lozenges to disrupt the replication of the virus. zinc acetate in the back of the throat KILLS replication in throat and nasal cavity.
    • they must be zinc acetate!  we only trust Life Extensions Enhanced Zinc Lozenges.  remember it isn’t the zinc per se, it’s the zinc acetate.  we keep this stocked in our office.
    • take immediately and let it dissolve in mouth slowly.  it should take 30min.
    • after it dissolves, look at your watch, and time 2 hours, then take another.
    • continue this until your symptoms resolve!
  • ginger honey tea.  helps disrupt replication as well!  download our recipe below.
  • vitamin C.  we only trust the brand that we sell from The Vitamin C Foundation.   up your dose to 2 or 3 “mega doses” per day @ 5g per dose = 1 heaping teaspoon. we sell this out of our office.
  • reduced glutathione.  if you’re suffering from upper respiratory issues, reduced glutathione helps with bronchodilation and is great for immune system.  ONLY TAKE ON SICK DAYS, not long-term.  we recommend getting this one from Amazon.
  • essential oils for symptoms.  download our recommendations below.
  • nurture space in between meals, and eat nutrient-dense foods.  when sick, fasting is extremely healthful and healing. 
  • a cup of bone stock + egg yolk + butter = easy-to-digest.

download our summary below,

plus bonus recipes for vitamin water, essential oils, bone stock, and ginger tea.

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach